have trouble keeping temp up

Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by gramps1, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. gramps1

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    have lower end smoker a brinkman start it with chimney of charcoal then dump 2 gal bucket of lump hardwood charcoal on top

    then another chimney of charcoal when all going good put 2/3 chunks of wood on for smoke

    but fire wont burn hot enough to bring temp up to 200 with basting meat turning into more of a jerky than moist never mind juicy

           going to try burning real wood next and its not the temp gauge checked it and right on

    smoker is brand new ribs on now and probally going to have to toss out or give to dog

         thank you //  GARY WILLIAMS
  2. concordeer

    concordeer Smoke Blower

    2 Gallon Buckets of Charcoal seems like a lot....  Why not put a chimney of coal in the firebox or fire basket and then dump a lit chimney on top of it. Make sure your damper is open so clean air is being sucked in by the fire and that your exhaust is open fully to get a good flow of air exiting the cooker. When you hit your desired temp close up the damper about halfway and see what happens. You control the temp by the damper. Fully open burns hotter and closed off chokes air off reducing the heat. 
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  3. muddawg

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    I don't want to seem like a smoker snob, but you may not be able to do much better with a low end Brinkmann.  The metal is thin rolled and won't hold heat, and probably leaks smoke and heat like a sieve.  I know, I ruined a few briskets on a Brinkmann.  And the temp gauge is probably inadequate.  I'd change that out pretty quickly, and maybe get some of that high temp silicone sealant, and apply around all of your doorways and other openings.

    This is being said, though, one of the best briskets I ever did was on a $50 drum grill!!  Fire on right side by damper, and the meat on the smokestack side.  Good luck
  4. gramps1

    gramps1 Newbie

    thank u for responding i know u get what u pay for and that brinkman not much

    if going to do all that modifying and added cost should just of bought better 1

  5. muddawg

    muddawg Newbie

    Well, don't totally despair.  Like I said, you may try better insulating the various openings in the pit. High temp silicone is one way, but there's several other methods. You'll just have to keep a bit hotter fire in the box to overcome heat lost by the thin metal.  I actually used a Brinkmann offset smoker for 5 or 6 years with decent hit or miss success.  And change out that thermometer AAP.
  6. sxipro

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    There are tons of mods you can do to make that Brinkmann really shine. Do some reading on here. Some gaskets on the covers, a little RTV between the FB and the grill body and using a charcoal basket will help a ton. Many people with that same smoker have more of an issue keeping the heat down than keeping it up. I've had the best pork shoulder and best ribs off my life of a Brinkman TMLE and that one had zero mods, but the guy using it had paid his dues in getting to know the smoker.
  7. jirodriguez

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    Also draping a welding blanket or something similar over the cooking chamber will do wonders for your temps., especially in the winter. I started with a Char-griller (very similar to yours) made mods and got OK results, but after about 6-7 months I just sold it and bought my 22.5" WSM. Have never looked back since. [​IMG]

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