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  1. Hey fellow smokers have a question for everyone. I'm looking to do some snack sticks and wanting to do a "sweet BBQ" flavor for the wife and a hotter/spicier for me. with the wifes food allergy to Gluten we have to be kind of careful with mixes and things that can make her sick.  so while wondering around the local Scheels we saw a backwoods spices mix for jerky, link is http://www.lemproducts.com/product/backwoods-bbq-jerky-seasoning/sausage-seasoning, so the main question is has anyone used this mix to make stick out of it and does it taste worth a hoot. 

    I will be smoking them using a gosm smoker and trying to keep the temps low like several of other people on forum here have indicated.  thanks in advance and let me know. also this will be the first foray into stick so it should be fun.
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    I haven't used that exact one but have used other Bakwood stuff and the flavors were good. Remember this is a seasonng kit for a jerky marinade, make sure it has cure in it, you will not want all of the water the kit calls for. If it is a kit for 5# of meat and calls for like 2.5 cups of water I would mix the ingrediance in about .75 cup of water then into the meat. Then mix realy well.
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  3. Thanks Wolf

    I will keep that in mind when making this.  i am still trying to determine which one to try and buy or make my own,  Thanks for the advice on water also

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