Hasty Bake St Louis Spares 3-2-1 Method

Discussion in 'Grilling Pork' started by soonersmokering, Jun 15, 2013.

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    Smoking some spareribs for Father's Day I tried to 321 method before, but I have not documented. Today's activities included preparing the ribs for tomorrow's smoking. I cut the spareribs into St. Louis cut and then applied the rub.

    I chose the purchase three racks of all natural as opposed to the cheaper grocery store version sourced from an unknown farm. The all-natural were purchased from a local meat market called Harvard meets for $3.99 per pound. The cheaper grocery store version or a $1.69 a pound but were drastically different in fact content and appeal. The all-natural had a deep dark fresh purple color to them as opposed to the white freezer burned grocery store version.

    I applied a liberal yellow mustard coating and homemade rub first.

    Then I repeated the process with the sparerib trimmings. This time I use the hasty bake brand rub to get a different flavor profile from my rub. These will be used for beans and stuffing jalapenos.

    I'll follow this thread up tomorrow with pics and comments during the smoking process. But for now it's off to the hard rock for a bachelor party, Round of golf and night out.
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    Looks mighty good to  me.....

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      Waiting and watching...[​IMG]

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    My experience with this experiment was not All cuts of meat are equal, the same 321 is a good method but should be applied and modified as needed for each rack accordingly. Two out of the three racks were over done to the point you could pull the bones right out of the rack. Although delicious the ribs were sub par in execution. I didn't take anymore pics after the foiling because of the embarrassment of over cooking. I have sinced modified the 3-2-1 to a 3-1-1 and my ribs are just the way I like them fall apart tender but still a slight adhering to the bone.
  5. Good observation and advice, Sooner!     I have done babybacks using the 2-2-1 method and found that the size of the racks and amount of meat will affect the smokin' time, and so adjustments are necessary along the way.    

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