has anyone used an element

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  1. from a hot water heater to power there smoker?

    I ask as there is a 1500watt 120V hot water heater element but I am not sure how they would do in air as aposed to water.

  2. eman

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    Water heater elements are designed to only be powered up completly submerged.
    It will burn up within just a couple of min. if you fire it up w/ no water.
    The reason i know this is when we had the camp on the coast we allways drained the water heater in the winter and invaribly someone would hit the switch to turn on the water heater b4 they turned on the water and let it fill up.
    Got to where we left 2 extra elements ,tools and instructions on how to change it on top of the water heater.
  3. Ok, thanks. back to the drawing board to find a good element I guess.

  4. bearcarver

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    Yup, good tip eman, I learned that from a plumber buddy of mine years ago. He said turn off the water & kill the breaker before before I work on my water heater. Then he said, "Make sure you turn the water on, and let it fill up before you turn the breaker back on !"


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