Has anyone tried this: Pre-slicing Ribs Before Smoking Them

Discussion in 'Pork' started by brandm, Mar 9, 2016.

  1. brandm

    brandm Newbie

    I thought this sounded interesting the other day so I tried it.

    Results much less than spectacular.

    The flavor was terrific but the ribs were very overcooked.  I thought this might happen given the times in the recipe but I did them that way anyway.

    Any comments appreciated.
  2. I would think they would cook super fast and prob dry out. I get upset when I have to cut a rack in half if I'm doing allot I'd Loose my mind doing each rib.
  3. lemans

    lemans Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    You have to wrap each rib in a strip of bacon.. Keeps the moisture in and as we all know .. Bacon makes everything taste better...
    Side note: I got this recipe from my cardiologist!!
  4. smokinal

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    I'm like SS BBQ, I don't like to cut the racks in half, cause the end ribs are never as tender & juicy as the middle ones.

    That said, wrapping them in bacon may work.

    I see another experiment coming.  [​IMG]

  5. Baconnnnnnnn in my best homer voice. It's like duct tape for food lol
  6. chef jimmyj

    chef jimmyj Smoking Guru Staff Member Moderator Group Lead OTBS Member

    I don't think I would mess with cutting ribs but I can see this being one time when Water in the smoker would be useful...JJ

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