Has anyone eaten barbecue

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  1. concordeer

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    Has anyone ever eaten championship barbecue before?

    For example - Myron Mixon's hog or Johnny Triggs's ribs fresh at a contest?

    If so what set it apart from other barbecue? Did it wow you?
  2. ishbbq

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    He doesn't really compete, but I have been to Franklin BBQ in Austin, TX.  Let's just say my wow was Wowed! Hands down the best brisket and beef ribs on the planet! And, I got a picture with Aron while I was there.  He is such a nice, and down to earth guy.


    Me and my sweetie were 8th and 9th in line! 

    A shot of the inside before they opened. They let people use the restrooms before opening time.

    Me and the master...

    It smells and looks so good, I wanted to jump over the counter and just roll around in the BBQ! [​IMG]

    Here's my plate, a 1 lb. beef rib, the best brisket on the planet, some very juicy sausage, and a couple of sides...

  3. knifebld

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    That does look amazing....

    Personally, I am planning on spending some time in the competition circuit next month (getting a few tips form the pros, before I try out some amateur comps next spring).

    From what I understand from the Canadian BBQ competitions is that the judges judge based on true Texas style BBQ. Ribs for example, need to have some heat and tug to them...whereas I prefer no heat and fall off the bone....so might not always be your perfect BBQ.

    Anyway...still can't wait to taste some!
  4. pops6927

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  5. stickyfingers

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    I took Myron Mixon's  class the past February. So, I have had his hog, chicken thighs, ribs and brisket, and pulled pork. I guess the best way to describe it is how well balanced the flavors were. You could not single out the smoke or heat or sweet or vinegar....just balanced. As far as eating, I prefer more smoke, bolder flavors....so I was little surprised that balanced is what it takes.

    BTW, the was WELL worth the $$$.    
  6. ristau5741

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    I had some eats from a FLA BBQ team called Skin & Bones at a local BBQ competition a few years ago,  beef BBQ sandwich and a rib sampler, they've got a ton of wins under their belt, still the best ribs I've had to this day. the only thing that set it apart from others was the 45min wait in line to git some grub, and it was worthwhile.
  7. I was invited to be a judge at a circuit BBQ competition in San Antonio earlier this year.  (Sponsored by Lone Star Beer.)  I had ribs, 1/2 chickens, and sliced brisket.  I ate bbq starting around 10 or 11 AM (I don't remember) and up until about 3PM, but by that time, was in a meat coma.  A handful of competitors selections were good.  Most were not.  I had over cooked meat, under cooked meat, chicken with so much sweet on it you thought it was candy, ribs that were so hot, you needed a bottle of water to put out the fire after just one bite, and rubs that have ingredients from under the kitchen sink.  (Under the sink folks, not from the spice rack...)

    And one box of pulled pork tasted like they squirted gasoline on it as a finishing touch...

    After all that, I promised my wife I'd stick with my own bbq/smoked meats from now on. :)  The 'champions' can keep their 'q
  8. ncage

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    I've eaten at: http://www.pappyssmokehouse.com/. They compete but i didn't eat any of the food they actually serve at the competition. We hit it up at 2pm for lunch on a weekday thinking it would be dead and there was a line coming out the door. The food was awesome. I wish i had the recipe for his sweat potato fries. What sets it apart? The BBQ is as good as what i would fix at home. We have a variety of BBQ joints around where i live. One in serviceable the rest i would hardly call BBQ. We used to have a Corkys for example. I didn't think it was that great at all. We also have a join called Smoky bones (i'd hardly call the food BBQ). There is a somewhat descent one called Hickory River. Also we have a famous daves which is also descent. But most of these places food pales in comparison to the Que i make @ home. The whole time we were there there was someone out front operating the smoker and they was a huge pile of wood they were loading into the smoker. 
  9. noboundaries

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    Reno has a rib cookoff every year. Crowds in excess of 125k visit. The competitors have their ribs they turn in and the ribs they sell for the people's choice awards. Before I got serious about backyard Q we'd go every few years and sample 5 or 6 of the offerings. Once I started smoking though, even on a gas grill, we realized what we were eating at home, which I had perfected to our tastes, was more satisfying and we didn't have to fight the crowds or the drive. We haven't been back since.

    I'll try a new BBQ restaurant when they open to get ideas off their menu, but the Q usually is not as good as what I make. My wife knows I can duplicate just about anything I taste. Some people can play music by ear. I can cook by taste bud. She says I've ruined one of her great pleasures in life, eating out, but she doesn't mind as long as I do the cooking.

    Hmmmm, just checked this year's teams at the rib cookoff. Melissa Cookson of Yazoo's BBQ is going to be there. Might have to make the drive.
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