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    Well after ten years of suffering with apartment complex rule of no outdoor cookers, I have moved on. I picked up a 16" something or other charcoal smoker at the lumber yard on clearance (not worth it at full price but hey $10 almost cant be beat).  Decided that ribs would "christen" it.  Had a few concerns about the equipment and whether or not it would be capable of keeping temps, but I figured it would be ok first run and then I could modify as needed until I felt like stepping up to a different unit or building one (my preference would be homebuilt).  Surprisingly enough to me, temp stayed great all afternoon, floating between 225 and 240, dependent on wind (using a probe, not the "lid thermometer" which never got above 125 lol).  used the 3-2-1 and a "memphis-style" rub.  I pulled off a small piece of skirt after 3 to taste test (family stopped by and wanted to taste).  So far so good.  After it was all done, they turned out just fine.  Nice smoke ring, great flavor, and just firm enough to hold the bone.  Overall, I am rather surprised that this el cheapo smoker worked as well as it did without modification.  The only issues I had were that the chips I used burned over a little quickly so I had to change the packets twice (couldn't smell any smoke) and the charcoal pan is not big enough for a 6 hour smoke.  I had to add to it twice, which was fine, but afterwards I noticed that the entire pan was full of ash, and the last set of briquets I put on were still intact aside from edge ashing.  I did start to lose heat in the last 20 or so, which now I figure was due to the overabundance of ash with no real coals. 

    Any/all comments and or critiques would be greatly appreciated!

    Sorry no pics for this one, but will work on some from the next one.  The neighbors who had to smell it all day want some now too!  Darn...[​IMG]
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    Well it sure sounds like you are moving right up that ladder of success. You have made friends and family happy and got to enjoy the fine life of smoking too. Pictures-Qview would be nice but I guess we will wait till nextime. Ok this time we want some really good Q and alot of Qview. For after all we are crazy about that stuff.
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    TEN YEARS!?!?!?!?!?

    WOW! I can't say I'd be able to survive that long without any outdoor cooking. Talk about being patient...

    Welcome back to the world of smoke!

    Your mention of the cheapo smoker and the ash accumulation snuffing out the coals is a pretty common thing...a few holes drilled in the charcoal pan, or a wire grate to place the hot coals on will make for a better rig. You'll know what to do for additional mods after a few more burns. That's just another part of what can make smoking meats more interesting...getting to know the equipment and doing a few mods to get your rig to perform the way you want it to.

    I actually bought a Brinkmann gourmet charcoal just for a back-up rig, and for the challenge of having something different to work the bugs out of and keep building my skill level a bit more along the way...I'm the tinkering type of guy, so it was right up my alley.

    Anyway, sounds like you're off to a good start! Enjoy!

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    If it hadn't been for the fact that the apartment was part of my compensation package while I was there, I would have not gone that long.  As far as the pan goes, I did add a grate to it before I started, and I am sure it helped. It is going to get another shot this weekend I think (if weather holds) gonna do up a boston and keep refining!
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    That's the spirit! You'll be cranking out great vittles while you play with fine tuning your smoker, so, it's a win-win situation!

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    I have created a monster.  Was told tonite at 8:15 (store closes at 9) that I HAD to make pulled pork tomorrow!  lol...So, one trip and 3.5#'s later we have a rubbed Boston Butt in the fridge awaiting its fate.  It's gonna be tough to have a house full of people who like the food as much as I like making it! [​IMG]
  7. Ten Years! !! Ten Years Man ! ! ! ( Movie Quote anyone know it??)

    Anyway glad you finally can smoke !

    Isn't there something in the Constitution about Thou Shalt Not Deny BBQ ! Or In God We Trust and In Backyard We Smoke !  I dont know my history isnt the best. But If not  it should be !!
  8. good job making the neighbors hungry!!! [​IMG]

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