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  1. Hello all. I am a flight paramedic in Sioux Falls, SD. I currently use a simple electric water smoker, and it has served me well for several years now. I got into smoking while at my last job at a fire department, where most of my shift did it, and I learned from them.

    I have been contemplating building a smokehouse, as my dad and I are avid hunters and fishermen. I recently got into making sausage, and would like to make all of my own, rather than relying on a local locker. One of my favorite things to smoke is fish. I have gotten raves on my smoked Northern Pike in the past, even from the doubters.

    I also have interests in learning the cold smoking arts. Love the idea of making my own salami and bacon and cheese.

    I have read a lot of the forums over the years, and just felt inclined to finally get a little more involved and socialable.

    So hello all and can't wait to talk to you.
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    Welcome to the forum, hope you can find the information you need to try those new things! lots of great people on here to help out.
  3. Thank you. Really happy to be here officially. With our extremely cold winters here in SD, I won't be building the smokehouse until spring. Leaves me some great planning and supply gathering time. I will definitely post once the build starts.

    I might also put my recipe for my fish brine on here also. It's probably close to a lot of others but maybe doesn't hurt to have another.
  4. Welcome aboard, I'm new myself, lots of great info here! Stay safe in the air my friend!
  5. Thank you. Was a fire medic myself for a lot of years. Looking forward to "chatting" with many like minded folks that enjoy the smoking fun.

    Have fun and stay safe on the fire grounds.

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