Happy Mothers Day

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  1. smoke slinger

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    Happy Mothers Day to all you moms on here. Hope you have a wonderfual day.
  2. jp61

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    Yes, Happy Mothers Day to ALL moms, who deserve it!

    I'll be seeing my mother later on today and will give her a big hug, kiss on the cheek and tell her I Love You Mom, Happy Mothers Day!
  3. kathrynn

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    Thank you!  Happy Mother's Day out there to the SMF Ladies....and SMF Spouses!  Hope yall have a wonderful Day!

  4. Happy Mother's Day!

    Unfortuantely, my wife has to work today, (poor "Mama"  [​IMG]  ) but I've got a pork butt smoking right now. I cut it in half: wasn't able to start it last night. This is my first attempt at pork butt on the WSM, and it's very windy today. So far, so good, though!
  5. smoke slinger

    smoke slinger Smoking Fanatic

    Sorry to hear she had to work on her day, but at least you got something good cooking for her when she gets home.
  6. Thanks, Smoke Slinger. At least it's a bit of a win-win: she gets some extra spending money, and I don't have all of the "honey-do's" that I'd get if she was home. (She'll laugh when I show her this!)

    Looks like they just hit the plateau...sitting at 156 for a while now (lower than I expected), but I'm 4 hours in, so the time is about right. I bought a "hybrid" probe for my Maverick 732 that's supposed to work in the BBQ (pit monitoring) port, but it didn't work...seems to be bad right out of the box. So, I'm only monitoring one of the halves. (Update: probe wasn't bad after all...see my post further down about a known issue.)

    Gonna finish preparing some of Chef JJ's foiling juice, and foil 'em up. Next time I do pork butt, and if I have the time,  I'll go without the foil to see how it compares.
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  7. Here's a Q-view before foiling. Please don't laugh too hard at the poor butcher job I did cutting them in half! I realize now that I should have taken the picture from the opposite side of the smoker.

    The straight probe in front is the hybrid, that doesn't seem to work. I checked the halves before foiling with an instant read, and they're within a couple of degrees from each other. Hope they stay that way!

  8. smoke slinger

    smoke slinger Smoking Fanatic

    That is true on the honey do's.....lol.... butcher job doesnt look to bad. The once piece looks like it has crab claws....lol... but as long as it taste good that is all that matters. Enjoy
  9. Thanks! Crab claws...interesting. Where I'm from, not too far from the Chesapeake, I'm sure there will be a lot of Moms around here eating crabs today!

    The bone-in half in the back is actually larger. The camera angle sure makes it look otherwise. I'm thinking that the long piece hanging out might turn out to be the best part. I guess I'll find out...I'll take a sample, and if it is really good, I'll let Mama have the rest of it.
  10. Well, if anyone checks this thread, I found out that the hybrid probe wasn't bad after all. Turns out that there's a known issue about the newer Maverick probes: you might think they're plugged all the way in, but they're not. You really have to pop this baby in all the way. Supposedly, they're going to fix this in future probes.
  11. smoke slinger

    smoke slinger Smoking Fanatic

    Good that the probe worked. I have the Maverick ET-73 and it works pretty good. I do wish I could find longer probes (cord part) as when I set my smoker up to vent out my roof in the garage I plan on running the probes through the vent duct and sealing them and that would give me plenty of room to move them around inside my smoker. Hope the pork turn out and she liked it. How was the crab claw parts.....lol......
  12. SS: Actually, the crab claw parts were "more bark than bite" (to make a pun out of an old phrase), so if you like bark, they were great! But, if you like the softer meat, then you'd be disappointed. I like both, so I was happy, but if I'm making a big sammy and not just snacking, I like the softer meat on the inside.

    My wife took some to work on Monday, and the girls she works with said it was great, and that it tasted like an expert made it. I'm no expert...the technique assistance and recipes I got from here sure had something to do with it.

    As for the probes...

    I have a Maverick 732, and this particular probe is made for that model. It has a 6 foot cord, which is twice as long as the probes that came with the 732. So, we get back to the chain being only as good as its weakest link: my 732's reach is only as long as the shortest probe.

    Just something to think about: if you want a longer reach, you need to replace all of the probes you plan to use. It would be nice if they made some kind of "extension cord". Hmmm...maybe we can patent something!

     Happy smoking!!!
  13. smoke slinger

    smoke slinger Smoking Fanatic

    Bob, good to hear all turned out good and that the wifes work enjoyed it also. I did actually contact Maverick and they have 6' meat probes and I asked them if they had one for the smoker and said that it could be used for that also as the temp rating 572*. I can get a two pack for around $27 on Amazon so I do believe I'm going to give it a shot. Not a bad idea on the patent.

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