Happy Memorial Day and Thank You!

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  1. To all of those that served to keep this country free. I turned 18 in 1973. War was over. I remember going to get my draft card. My Dad told me to go. I wasn't really thinking about it. I was chasing girls and smoking cigarettes. I do remember watching it on tv and since I lived outside of Washington DC, I experienced the protests and politics of the time. I do appreciate my free country of America, mostly when I watch the news of the chaos in a lot of other countries. So, thanks to those that gave. I appreciate your service. Got my Dad's flag flying out front. The flag they gave me when they layed him to rest in Arlington. He was a vet from WWII. He didn't see action as he was an airplane designer but he served in the Navy. He didn't talk about it much. He was very humble, but very well educated. He could blend in with a bunch of construction workers or fisherman and you'd never know he wasn't one of them. Worked for CIA as an "analyst".  I miss him.      Smoking a pork butt today. Cajun style! Cajun injected and rubbed. Gonna do it without smoke. Is that still smoking? Not using water in pan either. Just trying something new. Read all the posts about it. Want a crispy bark. We will see.... So, have a great Day and I'll post pics later. Sincerely, Kevin
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    Kevin, didn't want to leave this thread hanging unanswered.  Thanks for the special memories of Memorial Day and of your Dad.   

    Although I served it obviously isn't my time for being memorialized yet, but I have many family members who served who are remembered as they are no longer with us, family I grew up with who served in every war since WWI.  My wife has a tough time having lost her Dad last year, a former Navy torpedo bomber pilot. We see his flag every time we walk up our stairs.     

    My wife and I watch two movies every Memorial Day without fail: Twelve O'clock High and Saving Private Ryan.  I have many, many other military films in my movie vault that are treasured, honoring those who sacrificed it all.  Those two movies though are so well done about the willingness to sacrifice and of the impact of that commitment on the individual. I know they are films, but they both have many seeds of truth about the choice service members make every day. 

    Thank you Kevin for not forgetting.

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