Happy birthday to me!

Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by theogeek, Jun 11, 2015.

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    Just wanted to chime in and say that, thanks to my wonderful wife, and a few other "sponsors", I have officially joined the ranks of happy Daniel Boone owners!  [​IMG]

    I went with the non-WiFi version for now as I figured I can upgrade to it later if I want to.  I took advantage of the Father's Day sale, and the local dealer had an "open house" going on as part of Marion, IA's "BBQ Fest" thingy.  They had a Green Mountain rep there who was there with his trailer smoking all kinds of things, and they had a few of their own smokers going as well.  Free samples to all!

    Fortunately, we got there in time to buy one they had already assembled and seasoned, I think there were only two of those left.  They use a pound or so of GMGs Gold Blend to season it, and give you the remaining bag with the smoker.  Free assembly, free delivery, and a free bag to start out with.  The shop owner mistakenly gave us $100 off the DB, but realized his mistake before we got too excited about it...  [​IMG]

    The DB I got has the stainless direct grill drip pan (but not the fire pot cover with holes) and it looks pretty slick - it's a two part system - two plates, each with holes, and the top one slides so you can line up the holes or shut them.  They are both pretty hefty too.  Interesting though that the sales guy suggested wrapping the bottom one with foil and putting the top one in storage.  That's what I did first, but no foil and both pans worked just fine, even with the cover on the flame pot... [​IMG]

    I checked the temp with the Maverick I have, and the temps were within 10 degrees of each probe and the far right probe was about 20 degrees cooler than the set temp, but it's a variance I can live with for sure!  Better than my COS with FAR less work.

    Thanks to all of you here who helped me make the jump from a COS Char Griller to a GMG Daniel Boone!  It's pretty awesome!
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    congrats on the new addition! your going to love pellet cooking
  3. A big Congrats from East Texas

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    Congrats on that new GMG!  Looking forward to seeing some of your Qview!  [​IMG]

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    Great! I got my offset already assembled, too, and they did a good job of it.

    I still haven't watched a pellet rig run firsthand.
  6. I also picked up a non wifi Daniel Boone at the GMG dealer in Marion this past Saturday. The last one they had. $50 off retail and all ready to go with a 28lb bag of pellets. Also got a set of the Grill Grates to try and some pecan pellets. I'll probably also get the insulated cover for winter. I ended up just putting foil over both of the stainless drip pans and leaving them in not knowing any better. May just take the top one out as you mentioned so there's one less thing to mess with.

    Did some spare ribs yesterday and they turned out nice but took longer than expected. I didn't bother to check the grill temp with my Maverick so that's something I need to do and see if I need to adjust cooking temps or if it was just me. Pretty excited to try a lot of different things and get rid of my old propane smoker! Man I hate that thing!
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    Sweet!  They had quite the setup, huh?  That store is fast becoming one of my top three favorites :  Best Buy, Menards, Grill Works.  :)

    I didn't get Grill Grates (might later), or a cover (again, I might later - it stays in the garage when not in use so it's out of the weather).  I think the next things on my list are (in no particular order):

    1)  Cover (or the insulated cover)

    2)  Temperature probes that can graph temps over time

    3)  Rib rack

    4)  Downdraft mod (possible - my DB does a pretty good job without it)

    5)  Upper cooking rack

    6)  WiFi upgrade (way down the road)

    This DB is already so much better than my Char Griller COS!  Much of the reason is that I no longer have to babysit it like I did with my old one.  I modded the heck out of that COS and it works better than when I got it, but it's still a long way away from the DB!

    We've done ribs, whole chickens, brats, hot dogs, and chicken breasts.  For our combined "father's day / birthday" family get together, we'll be doing two pork butts.  The last butt we did was on the COS, and it was really good, but took a TON of my time to babysit it.  I'm expecting far greater from the DB!

    Happy smoking!
  8. Yeah I didn't even know about the place until I searched for GMG dealers. I can see myself spending money there from time to time!

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