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    I am from Alabama "Roll Tide" country! I started smoking meat a few years ago. I am currently smoking on a Big Green Egg which is a superior smoker. This weekend I am planning on building me a small smoke house -- I am so excited! I will be using a wide variety of wood choices such as maple, red & white oak, Elm, & some hickory. I purchase a lot of wood from a local saw mill and he has some lower end wood that he calls project wood. I have already cut the wood to size and now I am trying to locate a tongue & groove router bit from a local hardware store.
    Back to smoking meat: I use a hickory lump coal. My specialties are Boston Butts, Ribs, Hamburgers, Brisket, Whole Chicken, and I love deer meat. I have not been so successful making deer jerky tho. I am blessed to have friends & neighbors that love my cooking! I like to use white oak scraps from where I built my youngest son a club house bed as my smoking wood. Oh how I would love to open up a high end restaurant serving only delicious smoked meat & veg’s! Well that is a little about me!
    Thanks for allowing me to join.

    Hanging meat
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    Welcome to the SMF Family...We are looking forward to seeing your skills and I hope you share those great recipes. Good luck with the Build. Use the Search function there are thousands of Build ideas and guys post their successes and mistakes to help others...JJ
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  3. Hello and welcome from East Texas, Like Jimmy J said lots of builds and information on here Glad you joined up.

    Gary S
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