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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by curious dave, Sep 3, 2011.

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    was going to equip my new 22.5 wms with the genie universal garage door handles as recommended in numerous posts. the holes in the handles, however, do not come close to aligning with the grate-holder holes in the wsm -- off by about an inch. bending the handles to straighten them made the holes align but this caused the gap between the exterior of the wsm and the handle to narrow so that fitting my fingers around the handle was barely possible. any other ideas except perhaps to drill holes in the wsm that will align correctly with the holes in the handles? also, are there any precautions to take before attempting to drill holes in the wsm. will the porcelain coating chip badly during the process? thanks. 
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    I drilled a hole in my WSM for probe wires & the porcelain didn't chip at all.
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    I had the same problem. The handle isn't deep enough to clear your knuckles and the WSM. especially with gloves on. I found a different set of handles that give you plenty of clearance.(Same isle as all the other garage handles) And Yes! You will half to bend the handle to the contour of the barrel. Don't worry about making through the grate holders. Just find were it is comfy to pick it up. I put mine directly at 12 & 6 and it's a little bit of a stretch with my midget arms. It's get even sketcher when there's 4 butts and 1/2 a pan full of water. Just use the correct size nut and bolt with a lock washer.  Mark your holes then use a punch or 8 penny nail to start the hole (bang lightly) so your bit doesn't dance around. Put some good thick motor oil on the SHARP bit to keep the metal cool. It's very thin so don't force it. I wouldn't worry about the porcelain chipping. It's tough stuff
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  5. curious dave

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    appreciate the advice. 

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