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Discussion in 'Grilling Beef' started by four20, May 22, 2016.

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  1. Im sure we have all had that bland foil wrapped mix of a burger patty, potatoes, and onion soaking in a fatty juice that I hated as a kid.

    I am a firm believer in the Chuck-Eye steak being tough to cook. It can be tough even cooked rare to medium and has large marbling that can make for an undesirable steak cooked to an IT of 140f. If cooked to well done it can be tough also.  It is one of the best steaks IMO, but many just cant grasp the fact that you must look at the piece of meat to know how it will turn out.

    So I have always found this cut to cook best low and slow or simmered. This allows time for the connective tissue and fats to break down and leave this terrifically tender Gem found discounted at you local butchery.

     If you notice in the above pic these all vary in size and marbling. These steaks are more along the line of a prime example to slow cook or simmer to completely render all the fats and give time to break down.

    So here is where this thread will go as the afternoon progresses. These steaks are to be seared on my hot coal grinder. Then packaged with the veggies in foil bags and slow cooked on indirect heat smothered in mushroom gravy.

    More to come...........
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    I have done your way many times and with all cuts of chuck. Those look like first cut Chuck Eye, cut close to the Rib Eye. Not as tender as rib but as close as you get with chuck. I would just grill them med rare and jaw a little more if needed. Save the taters and veggies for a tougher chuck roast...JJ
  3. JJ I'm there with ya, but I do have to cater to 1 wife and 2 kids.

    Now in the pic the bottom steak is the one I normally grill to 130-140 IT. It almost fell apart just searing it. I seem to find the 2 packs of Chuck-Eye steaks are of better quality. ( JMO )

    Onto the current setting I have prepared in futility of trying to not have my kids complain that they were served a hamburger steak. The wife is all for it. Happy even to eat something she disliked so badly as a child.

    My coal grinder is hot... hot... hot...

    90 Seconds over direct coals on a preheated iron rack. Just enough to give them some nice tan lines. I'm running around 550f in the direct fired area.. This grinder is 42 inches long with fire only used on one side and filled with lava rock the remainder.

    A bed of potato, onion, carrot, and mushrooms. Topped with a couple nice chunks of salted butter.

    Wrapped in swaddling clothes..... These babes shall rest on the cool side of the grinder at 275f until veggies are tender, and then..........
  4. I'm sorry.

    I promised a delivery. I admit.... It was not expected.......

    First The packets sat on the grinders cool side of 275f for 1.5 hrs. Then the foil packets were injected with 60 ml each of some powdered mushroom gravy mixed but uncooked. Keep in mind it must be constantly mixed as preparing to inject packets.

    They then waited in the grinder another 30 minutes at 275f.

    Removed and rested........... another 20 minutes.

    Almost forked.

    No knives were used during the forking of this steak.

    Now I want you to understand that a hamburger steak is traditionally not Steakish. This however has the succulence of a seared Grilled Rib-eye,and  the texture of a smoked beef rib. All the while being well done, yet juicy.

    I vote ........
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    It looks delicious!

    Nice job!

    I would definitely give that a try.

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    Great step by step! It looks delicious.



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