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    Knowing nothing about ham... I need help!

    I am going to smoke a 10-15 lb ham (once I get your input, I'll go select one)

    I need one that will be ready for 2pm Thanksgiving day...

    Please I kinda need a step by step on what to buy, then what to do, and how long to allow...

    I have limited smoking experience, but I only got one shot! [​IMG]
  2. fybpm

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    Also a link to Dutch's baked beans... I keep reading that but I cant find the receipe.. Thanks
  3. fire it up

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    Are you smoking an already cured and cooked ham like the ones you buy at the store that you would normally put in the oven?

    Dutch's bean thread...

    If doing a ham that is already cooked and just need to be reheated then slather it with a binder, mustard or olive oil work best, apply whatever rub you are using then smoke for about 3 hours at 225 and you will be good to go.
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    Ok branden the first thing you do is breathe in breathe out. You have a hams too right. First I would score the fat cap (the thick white fat) make cuts two ways so that you make diamond shapes. Then fine a rub you can get some good ones on here or find one at the store. Then just wrap it in saran wrap then into the refrig for overnight. Then get your smoker ready and at 240-250 or so and then but the ham in. I hope you have a good thermometer (2 of them) one for the smoker cause the thermometer with your smoker is not right.(believe me on this one). Then smoke your ham for about 1 maybe 2 hours and then you can start sprizting with (I use apple juice and cidar vinigar) and then shut the door. when the ham get to about 165-170 or so then you can take it out and wrap it in foil and into a dry cooler for atleast an hour more if possible( this is whare you make up time after the meat is done for it can stay in the cooler for hours and it will still be hot) make sure that the wrap the ham in towels along with the foil then into the cooler with more towels and make sure that the cooler is full. then when your ready start carving and enjoy the fruits of you labor. If you haqve any other questions just remember we are here all day and all night and will answer any question and there is no dumb or stupid questions. We were there before we were here.
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  6. Hey guys,

    I'm going to do my first ham this weekend for my wife's office Christmas party. Here's the scenario: I am planning on smoking it this Sunday and her party will be Monday evening. I have to work on Monday, so no time to do any cooking that day. So what I'm asking for - and Mark, your tips works for me so I'm going with that, but any idea how long it would take to smoke a ham? This will be a fresh, not and not pre-cooked one. One of my wife's co-workers will be bringing it - so I'm not sure exactly how many lbs we're talking here. I'm imagining around 15 lbs. I'm thinking of wrapping it in Saran Wrap then foil when it's done on Sunday so I can store it in the fridge until Monday. My thoughts are getting one of our teens (who will be off from school on Monday) and put it in the oven sometime on Monday afternoon just to warm it up until my wife and I get home to pick it up and take it to the party.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, tips, reccomendations, concerns? Your input would be greatly appreciated.


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