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  1. c farmer

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    I have a whole pork loin curing in pops brine. I am going to slice thin to make ham lunchmeat for lunch.

    What seasoning do you recommend to put on before it goes into the smoker?
  2. waterinholebrew

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    Adam, I'm in ! Just throwing this out there, but I would probably just do onion powder, garlic powder & CBP ? :dunno
  3. I do course black pepper on my bacon. I like it. CF
  4. dirtsailor2003

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    That's what I'd do or I would make a sweet/spicy glaze. Use peach, or apricot preserves, pineapple juice, yellow mustard, sriracha, garlic, salt, white pepper. Reduce in half put on the loin for the last hour or so. Oh man that sounds good!
  5. tropics

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    Adam a whole loin 8 to 10 lbs. gives you plenty of options,cut it into 3 pieces.

    Pepper Ham

    Sweet Pineapple Glaze


    Any simple syrup with any flavor added.

    Let us know what you do 

  6. smokerjim

    smokerjim Meat Mopper

    for ham i make a thick glaze out of orange juice,a little bit of ground cloves,and quite a bit of brown sugar, i wouldn't put the glaze on until about an hour before it's done at a higher temp so sugar will melt some.just another idea.
  7. mdboatbum

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    I like reduced ginger ale on ham. Just take regular ( not diet) ginger ale and pour it in a skillet. Hit it with high heat until it reduces to a thick syrup. This can also be done with other flavors of soda.
  8. chewmeister

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    I have a 4lb loin curing in brine right now. What I like to do is add a half cup of maple syrup to the brine and then inject the loin. After that I add 2 tsp of ground cloves to the brine. After curing smoke with apple wood. Makes an excellent deli style ham similar to a Black Forest ham when sliced paper thin.
  9. chef jimmyj

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    I like this flavor on Ham or CB...JJ

    Sweet and Tangy Canadian Bacon/Ham Glaze

    1C Pineapple Preserves 

    2T Spicy Brown Mustard 

    1T Molasses,

    1T Marachino Cherry Juice or to taste 

    1/8tsp ground Cloves

    Combine and coat the cured loin. Wrap in plastic, yes it will be messy. and  refer 24 hours or more.

    Smoke at 150-170° to an IT of 145°F. 
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