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  1. I cannot decide what to do with this piece of fresh ham I have in the fridge. I have been cruising the forums almost all day and my head is spinning with information overload!

    The weight is just over 3.5 lbs.

    Do I wet brine it? If so, will it need to be injected or is it small enough to bypass that. Should I throw it in the pops brine I made and started bacon with last night or do I need to make its own batch

    Or do I dry cure it? If I go this route do I just rub the proper amount on the outisdse in 1 application or do I still do it in two stages.

    Everything I read today was mostly full size ham with very lengthy curing and hanging times. I'm mainly wanting to cure it and smoke it and then maybe hang for a few days to a week depending on what the temps in my garage are like.

    Any direction is greatly appreciated!
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    I would put it in a batch of pop's brine. That's how I do my hams from the hogs I raise, and they are great.
    Due to the thickness, you should definitely inject it. Pay special attention to inject around the bone so you don't get bone sour
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    I agree!  You can get an inexpensive injector at Walmart, about $5.00.  if you have a choice, use the broadcast tip.

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