HAM DAY!!, with Q-view.

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  1. Well the day has come, the ham came out of the brine this morning. I'd actually forgotten about it until I saw this:

    Ironically, I was on here at the time.

    Here are the first pics. Didn't take any of the mixing up of the brine, but here she is coming out. I trimmed off some of the fat as it had gotten a bit gelatinous. No off smells or textures, just a pretty decent looking ham. Actually, it's the picnic, so not technically a ham, but it looks, feels and tastes like ham, so there.

    Basic recipe was Pop's brine with an extra TB of cure for shorter cure time and also some clove and juniper berry.

    Before trimming.

    After trimming.

    All important fry test. Seasoning was just perfect and it's really tender. Salty and sweet with a nice earthy back note from the clove. In fact the flavor was so good, I was almost afraid to smoke it. Almost.

    It goes in the smoke in just a little while, more pics to come.
  2. Looks good so far. How long are you planning on smoking? Are you going to cold smoke it or hot smoke?

    Happy smoken.

  3. Cold smoke with apple pellets for 4 hours. Then I'll bring it in and bake it in the oven with a honey glaze. I would just hot smoke it, but the weather's supposed to get drizzly and I don't feel like sitting outside and babysitting it. With cold smoking I can just leave it and go check on it every hour or so. With hot smoking, since I have to do it in a public park across the street, I worry that someone might come along and burn themselves. I still worry about it getting stolen or knocked over, but at least I won't get sued for leaving a hot smoker unattended.
  4. Oh my goodness, I can't wait to see how it turns out!!

  5. I'm gonna do one for t day, That looks like a great template to follow. Keep the pictures coming!
    Why you got to go across the street, Condo commandos?
  6. Basically. We don't have a balcony or anything, and there isn't a lot of open space on the property, except for the pool area which is closed for the winter. Plus, about 10 years ago I was trying to do a brisket on a tiny portable grill just outside the back door. Unbeknownst to me, the intake for the building's ventilation system was right behind us. Fire alarm went off, 8 firetrucks showed up and the whole 12 story building was evacuated. When the alarms went off I knew exactly what it was, so I went inside and the whole building smelled like grilling beef. Luckily the firefighters and most of the neighbors had a sense of humor about it and we all had a good laugh. I did have to share quite a bit of the brisket though :)
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  7. I guess all the fireman and the bldg manager got a little taste!
  8. As well as several neighbors. Had to part with a few beers too! We still laugh about that.
  9. disco

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    Great looking post and may the firemen have the day off! I am looking forward to the final product.

  10. foamheart

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    Be smoking a brisket and call out a 8 truck alarm........ Just explain to the neighbors there was no extra charge this month for the air freshener. Ask the firemen if the appreciated the NICE smelling smoke? That's a totally great story!! I really appreciated that smile
  11. Just fired up the tube and put the ham in. Chugging the TBS almost instantly!! I'm thinking 4 hours will give it enough of a kiss of smoke, don't want it too smoky. Should be in the oven by 8:30, glazed with reduced apple/cranberry cider, ginger and honey, then sprinkled with pulverized ginger snaps. Figure I'll baste it for the first hour or so, then add the cookie crumbs. Got the idea of the apple from Foamheart's post on Canadian Bacon. Figured I'd reduce it to a syrup so it'll be sticky enough to hold the cookie crumbs.

    I'll have more pics when I check on it in an hour.
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    Ginger snaps!
  13. c farmer

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    I bet it will be great.
  14. I appreciate your enthusiasm!!! I hope it lives up to it.

    Getting the tube up to speed. I love this thing. I'm definitely gonna buy one from Todd, as this one is pretty much disposable,

    but the thing just pumps out the smoke!!

    Sometimes I think all this crazy stuff I do is so very interesting to everyone. Then my wife reminds me

    not everyone really cares where ham comes from. She actually was kinda interested, then realized it was cold and drizzling outside.

    Here's the ham at about an hour and 50 minutes. Starting to take on a little bit of color.
  15. Can't take credit for that one either, it was an Alton Brown idea.
  16. c farmer

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    I need a tube for my uds.
  17. Can't recommend it highly enough. I've used it 3 or 4 times now and I have yet to have it go out. My 12" tube lasts 4 hours, and gives perfect smoke.
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    I grind ginger snaps for the pie crust for my pumpkin pie! Like a graham cracker crust. Drives folks wild!
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  19. Oh wow, that sounds incredible. Hope you don't mind me stealing it!

    The smoke finally petered out, so it's in the oven. The glaze tastes pretty awesome, so hopefully, will the ham. More pics in a bit when I get them off the camera card.

  20. Ground up the Ginger Snaps.

    Here's the ham at the last basting with the glaze.

    All dusted with cookie crumbs.

    And out of the oven after another half hour. Looks pretty gloppy. Yuck!

    I think we need a few more BTUs

    Maybe quite a few more. (that's a blowtorch, by the way, I had to keep it moving so the head didn't show up in the long exposure)

    Getting nicely caramelized.

    Hacked off a few bits just for a taste. It's good. REALLY good.
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