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  1. Walked trough the fish section today and saw this nice looking halibut , so I thought I'll give it a try...

    Bought a nice animal from 2 kg or so , and some other stuff.

    Get home and got started :

    Gave it some cuts , a rub and a bit of oil :

    Indirect heat with a bit wood chips ON the grill rack.

    Meanwhile aperitif with deep fried sweet water sprot and Japanese seaweed salad :

    30 minutes later , and a short grill (1 min) each side :

    And this went to the table with 2 home made dip sauces :

    A side dish = blood shells cooked over the grill :

    Then the silence after the battle :

    Wasn't so bad for my first fish , but honestly I prefer a solid rack of spare ribs...
  2. Looks mighty tasty and yes I chuckled at the solid rack of ribs comment
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  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Looks great!!! I'd be hard pressed to get a whole halibut on the grill here. Ours average around 40-60 pounds and 50-80 inches in length!!!
  4. MAGNIFICENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That looks amazing!!! Cheers and happy weekend! - Leah
  5. humdinger

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    Nice pics. Made me feel like I was right there!
  6. Thanks everybody !

    And happy weekend to all of you too.

    Yep Dirtsailor , things are a bit smaller here in Thailand , even the women ! LOL

    When I moved to here I thought my tommy would get smaller as well , but that didn't happened [​IMG]...

  7. Dirt...Thats one halibut of a fish then,,,,hehehe...lol,,,

  8. That whole menu just looked so incredible! I love the halibut cheeks the most, but now wonder about the exact sizes available here, and will check. In any event, this thread was so fun to see! What very delicious stuff! Cheers to all! - Leah
  9. webowabo

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    Nice thread.. I agree with Leah.. the menu in greatness! Wish I could even find some fresh whole halibut here... I can get some filets. . But it will cast me a haliBUT load around my parts!
  10. Thanks again !

    The halibut is kind of a common fish here and cheap as well.

    A lot of things different from the "west" here , some in the good way , some in the bad , but I do my best to fit in.

    And about food ---> easy to do :  I like everything (except for milk) , even the deep fried grasshoppers.

    And Leah : there is 1 thing in your profile that fit my idea =   My daily meals are a celebration! (Not just holidays, but every day)!

    Even these days with the easy and quick cooking ---> we have to do so , we have some flood problems...

  11. dirtsailor2003

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    Yep need a bigger BBQ!!!
  12. Dirt...I Stand Corrected...LMAO.....

  13. I looked it up here and I think that's called : HARD EVIDENCE !   [​IMG]

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