Half Size Upright Freezer

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  1. This is free, but NOT for non-smoking homes <grin>.  This freezer desperately wants to go to a smoking home and be converted into a hot or cold smoker.  Such a perfect size.  Very light and transportable.  Save it from a landfill - give it a new and better life.

    In the Pittsburgh area.

    Also, to be clear- this freezer no longer works as a freezer.  In fact it has no motor/compressor.

    So, okay, if somebody really insists, I would accept a few 'samples' of your recent smokin' endeavors in exchange..... :)
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  2. michael ark

    michael ark Master of the Pit

    Boy o boy that could be one good .[​IMG]But your to far for me.
  3. Well it is a fer piece.  But what a great time of the year to head to PA to pay hommage to JoePa while catching the annual Penn State Blue/White game (this is where Penn State plays Penn State and Penn State wins!).  I can have your soon-to-be-new-smoker all polished and ready for a trip to AR.  And did I mention the cold beer......ROAD TRIP [​IMG]
  4. nwdave

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    Truly surprised this puppy hasn't been snapped up by one of the DIY crowd.  Cleaned up and a beer to boot!!!!
  5. michael ark

    michael ark Master of the Pit

    Would never make it i would tour my way their jack Danial's in ,Tenn then Kentucky bards town first then Louisville.Would be found in jail 48 hr later broke cooking sausage and toast on 12GA wire stinger looking for some raisin jack to kill my hangover . no thanks I've been in the drunk tank before[​IMG]cab ride home whole tour of duty
  6. Wow.  I can't believe there are no Western PA guys up for building a smoker.  And this being the perfect size.  Fully insulated, light weight easy to move.  'Bout the size of a MES.  Guess everyone out here but me already has a DIY meat pickler.  Sure hate seeing this heading for the landfill...but the 'boss' has made it clear "give it away or throw it away".
  7. Cut up[​IMG], crushed, and hauled to the landfill

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