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Discussion in 'Pork' started by bc taster, Aug 18, 2016.

  1. I was thinking of trying some ribs as an appetizer or snack finger food.  I'll have the butcher cut St Louis or baby back ribs length ways yielding twice as many short ribs.  I like using 3-2-1 smoking (2-2-1 for babies).  I was wondering if I should alter the smoking time because of the smaller size and lesser meat.  The ribs would be separated and sauced just before that last hour.  Has any one tried this before?  I would hate to ruin a lot of good meat because I didn't ask or research this first.  Thanks for any advice.

  2. Bump    Anybody have any comments.  I want to do this for Labor Day and its just a week away.

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    The little ribs will take about the same amount of time. You are not creating a lot more surface area and the amount of connective tissue stays the same...JJ
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    I would just serve bacon wrapped single bones. Cut and rub ribs wrap in bacon season with more rub and smoke till the bacon is done.

  5. Thanks guys.   I'm getting 6 slabs next week.  Hope that's enough to satisfy all the in-laws, out-laws, and whom ever shows up. I'm also smoking 2 butts.  My brother is grilling a truck load of chicken.  Should be a good time.

  6. WOW  What a party.  The house was full, 4 campers in the drive and 5 tents the kids slept in.  The last guests left this morning.

    Started on Sunday with burgers, hot dogs and sausages.  Put 2 butts in the smoker Sunday evening.  On Monday we smoked 138 mini ribs of various sizes.  Grill 8 chickens and some more sausages.  There was potato salad, slaw and all kinds of good eats.  The ribs went first.  Lasted about 30 minutes.  Sausages went next.  Then the chicken.  Had some leftovers on pulled pork.  I'm not sure I can calculate how much liquid we went through.  A good time was had by all.

    Wrapped a few ribs with bacon as "b-one" suggested.  Those that got one said they were great.  I'll have to try some another time.

    I can't believe I pulled this weekend off.  Most everything went well.  I can assure you I won't try this big of an event anytime soon. It was a lot of work but still fun.  Nothing beats good weather, good food, and good family and friends.


    PS.  All meat and some veggies were cooked on a 5 burner gas grill, a 30" and a 40" MES.
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    Glad it turned out! Don't forget we all love pics next time!

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