Had to upgrade my MES 30

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by slickyboyboo, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. slickyboyboo

    slickyboyboo Newbie

    Last Fri evening I threw on 10 lb Boston butt on the MES 30, to smoke for an upcoming annual turkey hunt with some friends. About 10:30 when I went to bed, the smoker was chugging along at 225° like a champ. I anticipated a 2:30 ish p.m. pull, but would awake to a surprise

    I awoke at approx 5:15 a.m. to this:

    Sometime during the night, the smoker decided to torch itself. It melted the display, and melted the door shut, not to mention it totally crisped my butt. The good thing was that it kept the problem self contained, and the only casualties were the smoker and the butt.

    Naturally I was in need of a new MES, so I got on the net, and found that academy was running an Easter special on the Gen 1 MES40s, so I scooped this baby up for a steal. All I've had time to do so far is a first season, and smoke a pack of deer sausage at dinner this week, but plan to break her in right, with another butt, this next weekend. Can't wait!

  2. daveomak

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    Scrape away the black and the meat should be good.....   I'd eat it.....    at least for sammies with horseradish and ketchup...    sliced really thin....

    Good find on the MES 40..... 
  3. jp61

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    Good thing it wasn't any worse.

    Enjoy your new smoker and be careful.
  4. old sarge

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    I think I would try and salvage the meat as Dave suggests.  I wrecked a but once with far too much wood in my Cookshack. It wasn't charged but extremely sticky from smoke, and the outside was coated as if it had been dipped in creosote.  I cut and trimmed but even toward the center there was a very bitter taste.  What a waste.  But salvaging is always worth a try.
  5. slickyboyboo

    slickyboyboo Newbie

    This butt couldn't be salvaged, simply because the fire inside got so hot, and melted the door seals, and the smoke from that would've penetrated the meat, and would not only taste terrible, but would also pick up some of the chemicals from the plastic in the seals.
  6. old sarge

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    If all you lost was the smoker and a chunk of meat, count your blessings.
  7. dr k

    dr k Master of the Pit

    What do you think caused the fire (grease?) Were you using chips in the chip tray or an Amnps? Just wondering if the Mes was used per the manual vs. a smoke generator since everything is in place where it should be. It looks like you used it per the manual and if so a fire should get MB to work with you on a replacement. I've heard a lot of great stories on MB working with people on out of warranty part replacements but fires when they are used per th manual is concerning. I did the mailbox mod on my Mes Gen 1 40" just to get combustibles out of the smoker.
  8. smokinal

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    Well I'm glad everything worked out well in the end!

    I'm sure your going to enjoy your new smoker.

  9. slickyboyboo

    slickyboyboo Newbie

    My thoughts exactly, could've been a lot worse!

    I'm really not sure what caused it, I like to think I keep my smoker pretty clean. I was using an AMNPS, so it could be several causes. The old one was a Gen 2 30", it was alright, but I didn't like it as much as my Gen 1 30".

    That's the truth, glad to have a Gen 1 back at the house.
  10. old sarge

    old sarge Master of the Pit ★ Lifetime Premier ★

  11. stayhot

    stayhot Smoking Fanatic

    I've had the same thing happen to mine ....TWICE!! The first one (MES 30) was replaced under warranty, and the second one was not. Now I'm starting to experience issues with the temp greatly fluctuating while using it. Last weekend I made jerky and when the smokers heat cycle turned on it would run the temp up from 140 to 170 then shut off. When it kicked in again the same thing happened, I'm almost to the point of just dumping it before I have another fire. all I use it for is sticks, summer sausage and jerky so the grease issue isn't a problem. I always use a Maverick to monitor smoke house temp and meat temp as well. Really wish there was a bullet proof smoker out there no matter what the cost???

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