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    I would like to try a roast to make samies with, want to try to get the same results as the Hight price roast beef that you get in the deli case sliced for ya.' I have read "eye of round and Tip steak, what else do you think I should try to come close to that, and what wood would Ya'll sugg, that won't to over powering and rub also..any Kali gents out there that has to same meat cuts lingo i would reconize up here on the Hill.?

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    Personally I use the sirloin tip roast season with salt, pepper, garlic, onion powder, and sometimes a little rosemary. I smoke them to rare not only because we like it that way but also the fact that the cut of meat doesn't have a high fat content and will dry out at higher temps. I don't use mesquite and haven't found any of the other woods that I use to over power the meat since it really isn't in the smoker that long. Good luck with the smoke and don't forget the Qview
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    My special blend is 2 teaspoons Beef Flavored base  it is a paste, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, 1 teaspoon onion powder, 1 teaspoon Italian seasonings and a 1/2 cup of red wine.  Mix ingredients and rub into the beef roast and smoke.  It is so good you won't be able to stop eating it.
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     Great recipe Vegas, I like the Beef base also. It really adds flavor.

    Lots of members like the Montreal Steak Seasoning.

    I'm with Jerry on the wood.

    It's not gonna be in the smoker very long.

    As for the cut of meat, I love a Boneless prime rib.

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    Since your in Cali, I'd go for a tri tip.
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    I've smoked a Bazillon Tritips before, just wanted to get a Roast beef cut for sammies, Tri-tip goes from on sale $2.99 to 5.99, so wanted a cheaper cut that i vacume pack (foodsaver is next buy),and ues later, around here the deli Boarshead stuff goes for $4.99 Lb,  Ouch! 
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    last i did was a whole sirloin tip. Smoked to 135 ,wrapped in foil and rested in the ice chest 2 hrs. Into the frige till the next day. Sliced thin on the sllicer.

    GREAT roast beef sammies.
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    Traditionally, for deli-sliced roast beef the packers use whole top round because it has little or no inner membranes, unless it's a B cut and has the top cap left on.


    top round cap on


    top round cap off

    They usually soak it in a marinating beef-stock brine with salts and a tangy flavor and additives to make it absorb as much water as it can ($8.99/lb for water, y'know?).

    Making your own though, sirloin tip is more affordable and less additives and more REAL beef flavor, not imitation flavorings.  The most difficult part, to be able to get the flavor profile you and your family wants and desires will take an absolutely tremendous effort on all your parts smoking, slicing, and sampling over and over and over and over and... you guessed it... over again until you find just the right combination of seasonings, brining, soaking, temperatures, holding, refrigerating, re-tasting and re-tasting until you are absolutely weak in the knees from all the experimenting and you simply cannot wipe the smiles off your faces!  But, take heart, we've all had to go through it and sacrificed days and weeks and months of constant nibbling and tasting and smiling until it is just right; then you are burdened doing it over and over again, tweaking and fine-tuning.  But, somebody has to do it!


    Sirloin Tip Cap On


    Sirloin Tip Cap Off
    • French Dip Sandwich

      The French dip, supposedly created in Los Angeles in the early 1900s, is a classic sandwich composed of nothing more than a French roll stuffed with roast beef that’s been dipped in roast beef juices or jus, with more jus served on the side for extra dipping. A good jus is the foundation of a tasty French dip sandwich, and the CHOW test kitchen has developed an easy, flavorful one by simmering browned beef bones with red wine and beef broth. You’ll have to spend about 30 minutes on it, browning the bones, deglazing your pan with the wine, and simmering it all with the broth until the flavor is deeply beefy. To put together your sandwich, broil buttered French rolls, dip sliced roast beef into the homemade jus, and serve with plenty of extra jus. Deli counter roast beef works just fine here, but for the ultimate French dip sandwich, thinly slice some Slow-Roasted Prime Rib  and add somehorseradish mayo.
      What to buy:  For the meaty beef bones needed to make the jus, ask your butcher for the bones used to make beef stock, as these probably won’t be displayed in the case. You’ll need to ask for marrow or knuckle bones cut into 2- to 3-inch pieces.
    Roast it in the smoker vs. the oven at 200° instead (click on "Slow-Roasted Prime Rib").  Oven or smoker, this is the way I do my prime rib every year at Christmas and it produces an evenly cooked interior:



    Now, doesn't that just make you hungry?
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  10. Here is a Top Round I did back in October.  $2.89 # at Costco.  Think this was a 15#er  Cooked on a Bayou Classic Cypress Ceramic cooker (Lowes)


    Seared, then put a water pan underneath and hickory chips on the lump charcoal.


    Took it off at 137 degrees and wrapped in Heavy Reynolds, then into fridge,  just like Pinewoods said previously.



    Took it to a friend with a hobart deli slicer and cut it really thin then Vacuum packed.  No pictures of that but if I remember correctly we ended up with around 11.5#s when done.
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    DagGumit PoPs, you are the Joe Friday (Dragnet) of Info and visual TidBits of the way it is, NICE..!!, and ICE, That is what Im talking about, Thanks Ya'll I have it down now, Lets see if  I can find one of the cuts this weekend I think I need to get that Food saver V3880 units this weekend, or does any body own a Diff unit that will really last and take a beating for years to come..?


    Thanks to ALL that Chimed in.
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    Thanks pops . Good info.
  13. no peek n

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    Well Qview will be on it's way shortly in a few days, want to get everything all togather, So. here is what I did Sat. Got a 3.1/2 lb, Sirloin Tip roast,(was tied),salt & pepper, garlic, Porterhouse seasoning, EVOO, Wishershire(whatsthatshere sauce).set in Frigerator over night, (2) racks of BBribs, (5) JV brauts, and my first atempt at a Fattie(sorta), 15% ground sirloin, (suff i had in Frig) onion soup mix,bread crumbs,S&P, wishershire,garlic, Bold BBQ sauce, Layed down (2) slabs of smoke turkey slices, covered it with spinich and anihime peppers, red bell pepper slices, and then coverd with 4 types of Mexican mixed cheese, Rolled it up into a Log and had a few Blowouts (repaired), and froz it for a 1hr, got everything in the smoker at1:00p, and hooked up the new ET-732 and got the MB dialed in at 230* and got everybody in the Pool, and at 137* pulled the roast and wraped it and sat for a hr, and into the frig it went and the ribs got rapped, and the meat Log got rapped also with the snauceisgges.had the Fattie last night, flavor was great, but a little dry, will eat the rest like a meat loaf sammie..all & all everything went great, "So Slow" and the Miss came over to get his 7lb pork Butt i picked up at the store for him and showed off the new MB smoker..Qview will follow i swear, So Slow is my wittness, even know he will say NO and throw me under the Bus.

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    Hey Gary try a tri tip from Smart and Final.  I buy most all my meat from there.  We have several of the stores here in vegas.   Price is right and their Tri Tip roast has a cap/layer of fat on top that keeps the roast very moist while smoking it.    For an excellent flavor use 1/2 cup of red wine, 1 teaspoon garlic powder and 1 teaspoon onion powder, and 1 teaspoon Italian seasoning, 1/4 teaspoon black pepper and 2 teaspoons of Smart amd Finals Beef Flavored basaed found in the soup section there.  REally really good.
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    well got the Canon fired back up,let see if my Qview will take,,flat fattie,BBack, Brat's,sirloin Tip roast 4 sammies[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    It all looks great how did you like the roast?
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    Looks awsome  thanks for sharing.


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