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  1. I am looking at smokers for personal use and business.  I own a bar and wanted to introduce smoked meats to my menu.  I am leaning to an electric smoker for ease of use but also have a natural gas line available in the area where I intend to put my smoker. My main concern is taste.  Can an electric smoker do the job adequately and provide quality product.  Thanks, I am new and this is my first post.  Have been lurking for a while now.
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    Glad you joined in on the fun!

    I'm assuming you are already operating NSF certified food equipment and are in compliance with the 2009 Food Code?

    Electric smokers are more easily operated, but seem more susceptable to electrical wiring termination corrosion problems, controller malfunctions, etc, and produce little to no "smoke ring" which is actually a reaction with burning fuels and necessarily a reaction from the smoke itself.

    Gas smokers, unless thermocouple-controlled (similar to a hot water heater) need a bit more attention to assure the smoke chamber temp is reasonably stable. They are capable of producing a very prominent smoke ring.

    The taste, moisture content and exterior coloring of the food in either case will be very similar in comparison when using water pans in vertical smokers (wet smoking).

    If you're looking into commercial-grade smokers, the electric rigs should be more reliable than those built for portable/back-yard cooking. Commercial-grade gassers should be capable of much more fine-tune adjuctment of temps, and more consistent/stable temps than the back-yard rigs. If you had applied for and recieved approvals for variances specifying the processing of certain cured dried and smoked meats and/or sausages, then and electric smoker may give more ease of use for the drying/cold smoking stages.

    It's been a log time since I've researched any of the manufacturer's or their products, but there were several gas and electric rigs in my sights a couple years crash took care of my web page bookmarks, unfortunately.

    FYI: I'm not a professional food handler...I've just been educating myself on the subject materials for a few months with the prospect of a semi-retirement in a Smoked/Bbq concessions business.

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    [​IMG]    Glad to have you with us!
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    The nice part about Electric is that you set it and forget it (more or less). So no tending or fires. If your bar is a small place, there are a lot of choices. Lots of good recipes here.  I love smoked food and REAL smoked food is not offered enough. Crock pot pulled pork cannot compare to the real thing, smoke ring or not.

    Good luck. Think you are going in the right direction. DO not overlook smoked chicken legs and thighs as a great bar finger food option.
  6. Thank you folks for the input.  This forum appears to be friendly and helpful.  I have enjoyed bbq for years and have been quoted as 'when it comes to the bbq grill, I have no peers.'  Basically, I am full of %[email protected])!  But I do enjoy it and am finishing up my personal gas brick bbq in the backyard.  The smoker will be the perfect addition.  I plan on testing the waters at the bar and introducing things slowly.  I have a marketing background so I know how to get the word out and I know how to research, so at this point its all mechanical.  The forum looks like a great place to start with recipes and such.
  7. I am reading quite a bit about the MES 40.  Is that the Masterbuilt 40?  I am trying to make the connection, but can't seem to.  Would someone spell it out for me.
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    Yes it is Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 40 inch. A great electric smoker IMHO!

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    One thing to think about is presentation. I have read that you do not get a smoke ring using electric smokers. Not sure is that matters, but for me I like to see a smoke ring and when I go to a restaurant that claims to be serving smoked meat I want to see a smoke ring. Just my 2 cents.

    Good Luck


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