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  1. fatboyz

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    Howdy, I am interested in trying to grow taters in buckets or bags, anyone had any luck with this? I am very tight on space and would really like to try to grow some potatoes. Thanks in advance.
  2. Me too.                 [​IMG]
  3. dirtsailor2003

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    Tires, barrels, or make simple wood boxes out of 1X6 to stack on top of each other. Hay mixed with dirt makes a good topper as you grow. Taters like a loose soil.

    Start with good seed taters and not ones you've bought at the grocery store if you want any amount of production.
  4. We've grown them in 1/2 wine barrels with success.
  5. essexsmoker

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    Make sure you have lots of nutrients, they are quite hungry things ISTR.

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