group buy for lumberjack pellets in the raleigh nc area.

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    Guys I'm looking for someone or a group to do a group buy on pellets.  I can use 1/2 ton and I can get a ton delivered to raleigh for $750.00.  Thats 37.5 cents per pound on a great pellet and you can pick which ever flavors you would like.  I'm going to order this week so let me know.  feel free to text me at 9196322948.


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  2. It's actually .375 dollars per pound which is 37.5 cents per pound - still a good price  [​IMG]
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    Sorry about that guys, I promise i'm better than that at math lol.  Thanks for the correction Smoking B.
  4. No problem man - I just didn't want anyone to get all excited & end up disappointed - hope you get lots of interest & your group buy goes well  [​IMG]  
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    Thanks again, now I know why we have a lady at work that looks over everything before we send it out [​IMG]

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