Ground Brisket??

Discussion in 'Beef' started by inkjunkie, Jun 17, 2015.

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    We go thru quite a bit of ground beef. Burgers, meat loafs & chorizo....Was in Cash & Carry today, thinking about grabbing a Brisket for smoking....but I am a bit leery on it yet. Flat...packer...the different cuts....anyhow, couldn't help but notice the per pound price of Brisket....

    If one were to use it for grinding, how much of the fat cap gets removed? Can all of the meat be used? How does it compare, flavor wise, to ground chuck?
  2. Hello.  Jump in feet first; get a whole packer and "GET IT ON BROTHER"! ( link below ).  Ground brisket:  WAY different flavour.  Not a bad thing.  NO. to substituting ground brisket for ground chuck. Try mixing ground chuck with ground brisket.  Play with the ratio of chuck to brisket.  Remember to go about 80-20 meat to fat.  BOTH meats and BOTH fats.  In fact if I were going to do this I might go 70-30; but I am still working on my first heart attack!  The flavour of that will WOW you.  Keep Smokin!

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    My loving wife Ernestina informed me today that we were out of the last batch, ground beef/pork, of ground meat. Was in Cash & Carry today, in the meat section with a Brisket in my hands.One of the guys I talk to every time I am in there noticed me standing there and asked what my problem I explained everything to him. He nicked the corner of the cryovac and said he would give me 10 bucks off of the the brisket in my hands. It was on sale already, think it was $2.55 a pound. Pretty sure there is 2 slabs of meat in the is close to 20 pounds. If so we will be grinding up the one and smoking the other.....will no doubt have a truck load of questions about smoking the brisket....
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    Danny has the answer. After all , Brisket was used as Ground until they found they could smoke it and make more money .[​IMG]

    Have fun and Hello ,Danny Boy . . .
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    Can't even buy hamburger here for that price.

    On to your fat question. When we grind our own I trim all the fat. Then weigh the meat. I then add fat back in at 5-10 % of the meat weight.
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    Just want to verify sumtin...."trim all the fat"....when adding it back in by weight do you use any of the rock hard fat? There was a big hunk of it that I dug out....
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    I just add the softer fat back in.
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