Grocery Store Ribs and "12% Broth Solution"--is that what's messing up my ribs?

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by gitarslinger, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. I smoke spare ribs occasionally, and they never quite come out like I'd like.  I just wasted seven hours on a Memphis dry rub concoction that came out nothing like the real thing.  I'm starting to wonder if the "broth"-injected Kroger ribs I'm buying are part of the problem.  In your experience, does it matter if the ribs have been injected (as most meats are) at the store?  Would I wind up with a better finished product if I bought direct from a butcher?

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    If they're cryovac packed instead of fresh,  it can change the taste and texture a bit. If I develop a recipe for cyrovac packed and switch to non-enhanced pork, it doesn't taste right. For cryo, I use less salt, just for starters.

    Enhanced ribs seem to get tender a bit sooner than fresh pork, also, so increasing your cooking time a bit for fresh will likely be needed. Switching back and forth is a PITA, but I've done it a few times.


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