Grizzly 5 lb stuffer

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  1. So I've got this stuffer.

    I've recently bought 19mm collagen casings and I don't think my smallest tube size (5/8") is going to do the job. Does anyone know of a tube size that will fit my stuffer and work on the casings for snack stix? Please provide a link. Thanks!
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    I think you need to measure the back of your existing tubes where they sit against the stuffing canister. Match something up from one of the supply companies by using that measurement, maybe its a standard size ????
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    If you have a flaring tool, or access to one, you can make your own tube.... I have..... Flare the end and heat the end to anneal the metal... You can add a washer to increase the diameter of the end or just slide the tube down an existing tube.... I used 1/2" because it fit the flaring tool... with the thin wall, it works very well.... make extras for friends...$smthumb$

    I made one out of copper also.... on pic to enlarge....
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  4. 5/8" = a little less than 16mm.  Your 19mm casing should work on that, if I'm reading this right?

    Good Luck,

  5. Coyote, I'll have to check. That measurement is an ID measurement so it might be a squeeze on the OD.
  6. You can get a smaller tube from LEM or Sausage Maker....1/2 inch O.D....3/8 inch I.D.

    In fact, I have an extra LEM tube...brand spanking new...$15.00 via PayPal and it's'll definitely fit the Grizzly 5lber.

    I bought one of the little LEM tubes for snack sticks when I had a Grizzly 5 lb. stuffer...I sold the Grizzly (which was a mistake) and bought a LEM 5 lber. ....that came with the stainless me two tubes and I only need one.

  7. Martin do you have a link to the tube you've got? Sounds like it might do the job then. Send me your info and I'm in!

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