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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by donr, Feb 12, 2015.

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    Having only gone through 2 meat grinding sessions I am still a newbie.

    The first session was with a hand powered grinder.  Blades seemed dull, meat could have been a little more frozen.  For this we cut the pork butt up into cubes like everyone does.  Took forever.

    The second was with a KitchenAid mixer/Grinder attachment.  Since it was the first time using the thing, I did the very unmanly thing and read the directions.  They said to cut the meat up into approx. 1" square STRIPS.  Being lazy, I thought I would try it this way.  If it didn't work I could still cut into chunks.  Holy Cow did that grinder suck in those strips of meat.  They were properly firmed this time.  Was this just because of the meat being properly firm combined with the powered grinder, or is there something to using strips instead of chunks?  I'm just curious if anyone else tried this method?  

    I know if you add seasoning before your grind it would be a little less well distributed this way, but I was grinding then mixing.

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    We have a 1hp. Cabala's electric grinder. The thing will take just about anything you throw at it. However, I have found the strips work much better. The cubes can tend to sort of "roll" around on the auger which requires a push to get going. The colder the better for grinding, especially the fatty pork. We always grind, then mix in the seasonings.
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    I cut into hunks and strips... add everything to the meat... except ECA, including cure and liquid.... mix..... grind.... add a couple bread heals to force all the meat out of the grinder.... (bread doesn't hurt the mix)..... then hand mix the ground meat and stuff.... let sit in the refer till the next morning and smoke (if that's what's called for)... or freeze on a sheet pan and vac pack... Freezing first helps to eliminate any liquid from being squeezed out of the links or patties....
  4. mdboatbum

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    I always do strips when grinding in my Kitchenaid. It does just pull them in with virtually no tamping required. I think the results you got the second time were a result of all three, the electric grinder, the way you cut the meat and having it properly chilled. Meat that's not cold enough will just get all gummed up and wrap around the blade. As was mentioned, cubes will just bounce around, requiring tamping. And manual grinders are just too much work!!
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  5. I've never done strips, but I think I'll give it a try. I also will cut the meat, spice it, and then grind and hand mix to get a tacky texture and then move on accordingly.

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