grinder prep , for setting up cheap (china stuff ) grinders

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    This post will be short and incomplete ,I am out of pocket often but it is intended to help new be's who are first starting  to process meat ie grinding it up and equipment that is available .I am out of country alot so internet is not good ,I will try and answer ? when i can . This post is about the way I have set up 2 grinders that work really well with a #32  grinder purchased off the internet . I will do my best to update this post as the build is going on ,to help folks know the options they have if they have any basic mechanic and or carpenter skills .

    In my opinion buying a self contained unit from a big box store is not an option , I process a lot of deer and pork and just have not seen  and or trust the self contained units unless they are old ones ,

    alright here are the pixs , hope it helps someone setting up a grinder with a separate electric drive , the key is the pillow blocks and pulley set up that give the torque that makes it all work , these are not bad grinders if you clean them , oil them , and let them work at the pace theycan handle 

    I have ground hundreds of pounds of meat , deer and pork through a similar set up with no hiccups , so I am putting this out there for info not to say this is the only options ....

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    Nice setup. If I had a delicates space I would do something similar.
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    Very nice,, great looking set up...

    A full smoker is a happy smoker

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    Nice work.........nice layout.........but totally DANGEROUS! I hope you don't have any children around when using that rig.
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    Finished set up simple electric connections , hope this helps someone ,  Lamar we kids grew up on a farm with open PTO shafts ,and many moving dangerous items , I was taught to respect these items for what they are ,that is the problem with todays PARENTS not the kids fault .
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    I'll send my kids over to help. Both of them 9 & 14, have been using tools and power tools since they were 3. My youngest welds. Both of them ride quads. Both shoot 22 rifles. Both shoot bows. They both know how to keep out of the way of moving parts and the proper clothes (oldest hates this, because wearing hoodies is the in thing) to wear when I'm the shop.

    To each is his own, teaching your kids life skills is more important than shutting them up in a house for fear that someone might get injured.
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