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  1. I have had desire to try smoking for quite a while. Always been a Griller from way back when. My firs BBQ grill was a hand-me-down from my parents. They bought this cooker soon after they married and kept it cookin for many years. I think the maddest my father ever got at me was the day I decided to clean the little cast aluminum cooker down to bare metal. That was twenty plus years of seasoning gone in one afternoon. I still have this cooker and use it all the time.
    As for my debut in smoking, that happened tonight. I talked my son into buying me a Brinkman Smoke’ N Pit a couple of months early for fathers day. All I have used it for before tonight was grilling. Tonight I was at the store picking up a few things and on a knee jerk decision bought a 5 lb. chicken. I knew the (very) basics of smoking and jumped right in. All was going well but I wanted to find info about “how long to cook.†I googled Smoking chicken and that lead me to here. Been reading for over 3 hours.
    One question I have is most of the veterans mention smoking at a certain temperature, but my smoker only has a thermometer that shows an “ideal†range. I there a website where I can buy a thermometer with specific degree markings?
    I am looking forward to being a part of this community.

  2. Welcome from another in no. Ca. Always great advice here. Go to main forum page and scroll down to 'meat thermometers' or the smokin meat store, good info all around ya here !
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    Welcome to the forum. Neat story about your Dad getting angry for cleaning it. I'm trying to get my Dad to start smoking meats
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    Welcome to SMF, David. I am just a few miles south of you. I have an SnP also. I like mine but there are some mods that you will want to do -- charcoal basket, chimney extension, baffle, tuning plates, new thermoometers.

    I purchased my thermometers from but they are available at Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, etc.

    Again, welcome aboard. This is a great site.

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    Hi! David!!
    Welcome! 3 hours only?
    I cant wait to see your first Q-Vue...Check out the 5 dat e-course..AND great to have you...let see some Q-Vue!
  6. Thanx to all who replied to both of my first post (oops). Have barely been here 24 hour and have learned a great deal. Much more to smoking than lighting a fire, throwing on a slab of beef, kick back a few hours and drink a beer or a few. Since I joined I have made my first mod to my SnP by adding 2 new thermos at grate level. I also purchated a remote digital meat probe.
    I got an issue with extending the chimney that I would appreciate input on. My chimney does not have a flange that sticks down to attach the flex tubing to. Any ideas would be helpfull.
    Although I found this site half way through my first attempt at smoking last night, and started off all wrong, I did come out with a great chicken for my first attempt. Going to try a pork roast tomorrow.

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    welcome aboard david-glad u found us-a little here a little there and u gonna pick it up in no time-
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    welcome Dave!
    take a trim to carson city this weekend! im hosting a bbq comp and you are welcome to come and warch, take notes and ask questions. cooking starts friday evening and ends saturday at around 4 pm. im also teaching dutch oven cooking the whole weekend down town. its at mills park and come on by and sit a spell. hell, i may even let you have a taste or 3. just remind me where you met me here
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    Welcome to SMF! Enjoy the forums!

    Take care, have fun, and do good!



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