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  1. One of our local stores has a really nice fish market, They had just gotten in some Salmon, I had the lady pick me out a nice piece and here is what I did;   rubbed it with olive oil and a tiny bit of Italian dressing, salt, pepper and a little Lowery's, let it sit while grill was heating up. When it reached about 350º  I put the Salmon on  skin side up, let it cook for about 10 - 12 min., peeled off skin sprinkled on a little seasoning and oil, flipped it over for about another 5 - 6 min.  Done    Really turned out great, Flaky and moist . Being here in East Texas we don't have access to fresh seafood and fish like the people on the coast. The store that has the fresh not frozen fish is pretty pricey and have only been around for about a year.

    Anyone with some different ideas and recipes for grilling fish, please let me know

  2. Hi there! Did you eat the skin? (My favorite part of fish). I'm glad you enjoyed your meal!!!! How delightful!!!! Cheers!!! - Leah
  3. Sounds good but   [​IMG]                [​IMG]                      [​IMG]

    If I'm gonna grill salmon half the time I like to marinate it in soy sauce, brown sugar & a little garlic - then oil it & throw it on the grill - works good for me when I do it...
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  4. No we didn't     Didn't think about that. Maybe next time, tell me how you prepare the skin. Also I have a wine question for you?  What would recommend for a slightly sweet, not to dry red, My wife does not care for the dry wines, I myself  am a German White Riesling  fan. Sooooo

    A good inexpensive slightly sweet not dry wine is in our future.


    Gary     and thank you for the nice comments 
  5. Smoking B, I saw that somewhere looks good, I may gie it a try next time


  6. Hi Gary!!!

    Your meal sounded so fantastic!!!

    you can leave the skin on and grill it and/or smoke it and so long as you get some skin side down when grilling and thus get it crispy, it is fantastic!

    Otherwise, sear the skin in a pan and use those cracklings over your rice or pasta or "carb" and some sea salt, pepper, etc, and as simple as that sounds, it is fantastic! (A healthier "Bacon Bit" right)?

    Anyway, try Beaujolais from France; (a red wine that you can get in your liquor store - just ask - and in many a Grocery now too), and try it CHILLED slightly (most winos don't know this trick, but Beaujolais is BETTER when chilled - one of the few reds that is - and especially if doing "Coq au Vin," for dinner)! Hell, it may just become your "company dish" when entertaining!

    That COMBO is a pairing that every single WINE MASTER and Sensei in the world would be in absolute AWE of, if you served the two together!

    (Yet you could therefore do your own favorite whole chicken dish even, and also enjoy it with that)!

    Regardless of what you're making though, this might be the one wine which you enjoy, so long as you chill it a bit - even an hour in the fridge should help!

    OK, PLEASE report back as to your fun!!! I hope that you do absolutely LOVE it!!!

    Cheers!!! - Leah
  7. I grill my salmon on the indirect side of my Weber with water trays under the salmon and alder in a container on the heated side.  I keep the temp on the indirect side around 225 degrees.  Takes about 1 1/2 hours for the fillet to reach an internal temp of 135 degrees.  I usually place a little butter on the salmon after I remove the bones, before I place it on the grill.   

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