Grilled Lingcod trifecta

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    The other day I took out some lingcod for dinner. I decided to use the gas grill because it was looking lonely and sad, just holding done the deck boards. We made the cooking a family affair. I took care of the fish. My little chef was in charge of garlic bread and cutting veggies for quinoa pilaff that the fiancee was making.

    Lingcod type #1 Fig and Fire glazed

    Smoked Serrano Salt Lingcod

    From top to bottom, Garlic butter Cod, Smoked Serrano Salt Cod, Fig and Fire Cod

    Little Chef chopping shrooms, onions, and chives for pilaff. Notice his fingers on the shroom!

    Slicing bread for garlic bread. No worries that's dad's beer in the boot!

    Painting on the garlic butter. Wrapped it all up in foil and put it on the grill with the fish.

    There's the final product! The fig and fire cod was a bit sweet for my liking. The Serrano salt cod was fabulous! The quinoa pilaff (grape tomatoes, shrooms, peas, onion, chives multi color quinoa, feta cheese) was awesome. The bread, didn't last long enough to get a pic! Enjoy!
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    Yummmmm......My "no lunch" is not working today.  That looks soooo good.  AND.....I really like Quinoa with anything.  Very healthy for you too.  Love seeing the little guys helping in the kitchen!  Good Job for him!

    Kat  [​IMG]

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