Grilled Buffalo Style Wings

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  1. I've been wanting to grill some hot wings for a while now but the price of wings around here has been crazy high. I finally bit the bullet and paid about two fifty a pound for some whole wings. I cut them up and grilled only the pegs and wingettes. The tips will be used for making some chicken stock later. They turned out nicely and satisfied my urge! Nothing fancy though... salt, pepper and garlic on the wings. Grilled until crisp... sauce is Franks and margarine... I like Franks but it needs more heat so added a bit of jalapeno and a garlic.[​IMG]  The group I was with seemed to like them... it didn't take them long to empty that foil pan! 

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    Hello , Hoosiers . Where is around here [​IMG]  (please add your location to your profile ) .

    Your Wingettes look great . Simple is great. And  , yes , Frank's is a good choice. Siracha is nice too , for a warmer finish , [​IMG]  .

    If they tasted as good as they looked , I'm sure they DID disappear quickly . . .

    Later . . .
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