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Discussion in 'Beef' started by foamheart, Jul 6, 2015.

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    Back-round: last week I called the butcher to suck up. See their Choice Angus T-Bones were on sale for 6.99/lb. I asked if while they were cutting the T-Bones would she grab me about 4 from the end with there would be a little tenderloin. She asked well T-Bones or Porterhouse? I said T-bones on sale with some tenderloin in them.

    She reminded me that she was now the store manager and she'd cut me 4 nice porthouse and sett 'em for the T-bone sale price. Then she asked if I had any more double smoked andouille that her new boy friend really liked........ LOL I sent her probably about 3 pounds of andouille and the below is what I recieved in return.

    Four of these bad boys! I would have complained to a regular butcher about cutting away all that beautiful fat, but was thinking she was saving me money. Thats 2" thick of black angus. They were beautiful. Well two still are I had to freeze them.

    So I fired up the old pipe pit. I made some onions and mushrooms reduced in rosemary and red wine. Red wine really wasn't bad, it was called kitchen sink, of course I don't know squatr about wine I usually only cook with it.

    I am sorry for missing a lot of pictures I should had taken. But I was overburdened. While doing all the cooking I decided I needed donuts, and cinnamin rolls.

    Stupidest move I ever made! Huge beautiful steaks, for supper and I make hot donuts, You know I scarfed down a HUGE amout of hot taste doughnuts. Cinnanmin rolls are still raising cause I just don't have room for a hot one right now.....LOL

    I decided to show my age with the steaks, Wasn't that long ago I would have eatten a whole one.  But I shared and still had plenty. MY GWAD, just look at that, and I am slicing for the second plate!

    With meat like this all that really needed is a little time and a little room. Kosher salt and fresh cracked black, dusted with a bit of the Mighty Tatonka Dust Just cause I like it!  Add a plain garden salad, and a back tater with copious amounts of butter.

    It was the best steak I can ever remember, I am sure there have been others that were good and definately more expensive but today its the best I ever had.

    What a group of monsterous steaks. I'll do cinnamin rolls when I remember a picture maybe.

    ZOMG!! What an out-fricking-standing meat experience!!! Amazing taste, I couldn't have stood a prime cut.
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    Nice Foam, ya gotta love the bartering system.... Great deal on them steaks, but I know your andouille was worth the trade ! I've seen your andouille.... :drool Nice lookin steaks my friend, hope ya enjoyed every bite ! Thumbs Up BTW, everything else looks tasty as well !
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  3. worktogthr

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    Foam, that steak looks beautiful. Around here when they are on sale it's always listed in the flyers as tbone/porterhouse which usually means most of them have no filet. I have to wade through the steaks to find the few that have it. That is awesome that your butcher hooked you up with the good stuff. Then again, for some homemade andouille I'd do the same! Delicious looking meal.
  4. mike5051

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    Nice cook Foam!  That steak looks amazing!
  5. mdboatbum

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    Wow!! Grilled to absolute perfection.
  6. driedstick

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    Dang it that looks great,!!!! Save me a plate please


  7. foamheart

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    This lady butcher is a friend now. A couple a years ago when I started wanting to learn bacon she said she had some bellies in her freezer taking up room she'd make me a good deal. It ended up 7 1/2 sides at .50/lb. She stored 'em, she sliced 'em, and she even cryovac'd 'em. I gave her a 1/2 gal (I think it was), of her favorite Crown for Christmas that year. We are just friends. If you are gonna cure and smoke a good butcher is a great asset. And a friend is a friend.....
    The meat was outstanding. AND the cook did an excellent job ! LOL I sliced some of the left overs today at lunch. Even cold it just melted in your mouth like warm butter. The salt and pepper was all it needed, and that touch of Totonka Dust was prefect! I dodn't normally eat beef, I just don't think it has much taste, but this was delicious. I may have to rethink my opinions.
  8. tropics

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    Foamheart That is a fine looking meal,I am so happy I waited til now to look,it is getting close to dinner time.Thanks for sharing


  9. foamheart

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    Thank you sir, I can't say enough about the cut of meat. All I did was heat it.
    Thank you. Again I must give all the credit where credit is due. The meat did all the work, for years. All I did was spend moments with a fire. The mushrooms and onions were pretty good also.
  10. b-one

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    :jaw-dropping: makes me wanna go to the butcher,nice work!:points:
  11. foamheart

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    It was an excellent piece of meat. Don't think I could have messed it up had I tried.

    Thanks a lot.
    <Chuckles>  ya know I think I have gained weight from just looking at the threads here.......

    Thank you sir. It was a great supper. I still have another thawed in the reefer, drying out a bit and intensifying
  12. foamheart

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    Thanks I apprceiate it. Sam's Cryopac's are cheapwith long due dates, but occassionally a butcher for a friend is a good thang!
  13. mossymo

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    Very nice looking steaks and cooked to perfection... nice work!
  14. bearcarver

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    My Thanks to Marty for Bumping this up!!!   First I saw it !!

    Beautiful Display of Awesome Beef, Foamy!!![​IMG]----------------[​IMG]

    I could have helped you, but I know what you mean about not eating the way we used to, but I guess it's a Good Thing!![​IMG]

    Outstanding Job You Did on those Bad Boys!![​IMG]

  15. foamheart

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    Thanks and thank your bride for the great dust!..
  16. c farmer

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    Hey foam, that looks perfect.

    Points for you.
  17. bdskelly

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    Small... LOL  b
  18. foamheart

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    Thank you Bear, they were exceptional.
    Thanks C-Man, It really was excellent meat for being choice cuts.

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