Grill or propane smoker?

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  1. I have the weber grill and just put new bars and stainless grates in it.  Holds a good steady temp.  It does a great job of smoking so far....but what do I know....I'm seriously new to this smoking stuff.  So do I need a smoker?  Does it make that much difference?  I would have to build a shelter for it since we have wind and snow and I would be using it all year round. They have the masterbuilt dual fuel at HD.  The grill is under shelter already.  There are only two of us so don't need to smoke large quantities BUT I would like to smoke something about once a week.  Opinions please....


  2. Well, since I didn't receive any opinions on the grill vs smoker....I went ahead and bought the smoker at Home Depot.  Now we just have to get the little shed built for it so I can use it this winter.  Looking forward to "drivin the neighbors crazy" with that smell.  Might even get some of them to come over and taste test for me.  Now I can smoke enough meat to share with family.  That will be a nice bonus. 
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    I'm not one of the experts you were hoping to hear from, but I can tell you that I find smoking on my weber propane grill works, but its not the same as using my smokers. I think you make the right choice buying a separate smoker unit.
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     You made the right move getting the Masterbuilt. Not to sound silly, because it has been done, but that unit is meant to run on Gas or Charcoal, not both at the same time. Gas is nice for those long smokes and Charcoal has a great flavor. You may need to do a Needle Valve Mod to get lower temps...

    I am sorry that you did not get a response on the original post. We get thousands of posts a day and dozens every few minutes. Each new post or response pushes your's down and off the main page to the 2nd page and by the 3rd page, many won't even scroll down that far. So in a matter of minutes, you can get overlooked and never get a response. Good luck with the new toy...JJ
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  5. Weber gas grill for me and a masterbuilt 30 inch electric on the deck also.  happy happy happy
  6. I got the grill put together yesterday.  Hubby is hooking it up today to the propane line with a needle valve as well as a shut off valve.  Will probably season it this afternoon.  There is a lot of room in that smoker!  Can't wait to get to it.  I'll probably never use the charcoal option but it's nice to have a choice.  The smartest thing we ever did was hook our grill up to the propane line coming into the house for the cook stove.  I never worry about running out and having to change out tanks.  Same thing will apply with the smoker.  Fun days ahead.

    Thanks for the input.
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    There is nothing like charcoal. Yes, I am a coal head for sure. But after years and years of trying all different things, charcoal is king. It is good to have the option. Try it. That said I love my old Weber propane grill which I have been lovingly restoring a little at a time. I put new stainless flavorizer bars in there a while back and am waiting on some stainless grill grates next. It is nice to have something like that for some quick after work steaks or hot dogs or whatever. But if I am smoking a shoulder or some ribs, I want charcoal. Even for corn on the cob or stuffed burgers and ABT's. Sorry I didn't see your post earlier. Like the Chef said, your post can deep 6 in minutes if you don't keep bumping it up.
  8. I have a Weber propane grill, love it for burgers and such. That being said my $40 charcoal smoker produces the best BBQ I've ever had! It's a lot more work, but well worth it. I have used the grill to finish off ribs and pulled pork; just to get them to a safe temp.
  9. Thunderstryke,

    Like you, I recently broke down and entered the wonderful world of smokers. I currently have a weber big joe, for when I want the charcoal flavour, and my recent purchase was the masterbuilt, 2 door propane smoker. I have done a boston butt, beef back ribs, and a bunch of fryer size chickens so far. The chickens had the best taste smoke flavour so far.

    In my mind, the smoker does a far better job of imparting a better smoke flavour into the meat, and after I make a couple of mods to the unit , I hope to get even better results. Like yourself i will have to contend with the winter weather this year, being from Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

    Hope you are happy with your first results, and dont worry about the neigbours, because the smell is to die for. Here' to good smokes from one newbie to another!

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