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    New to the forum and a fellow bammer.  I live in Huntsville. Hope to chat with you guys more.

  2. Welcome aboard.  I am just east of HSV (over Chapman Mnt)... N of 72.  Kat is in Madison as well as a few more from the area.  We are planning to meet up in Lynchburg 26 Oct for the Jack.  You are welcome to join us if interested.
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    Good Morning!  Glad you are in our area!  

    Can't wait for the Jack.  Never been to Lynchburg before either!  Its coming soon!

    After the first of the's going to be my Misson to get a "gathering" together.  Yall may be added to my "helper list" since we live so close.

  4. pdogg6

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    Thanks Guys!

    Now I'm really new to BBQ so what's the Jack?  Something going on at the Distillery in Lynchburg?
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    The the Jack Daniel's "end of the season"....championship of championships.....for the "end of the season"....and does go on in the town of Lynchburg.  I have driven thru the town going the back way to Cookeville, TN...Hubby went to college there....BUT...have not had a chance to go to this event.  We are going to meet at the Judges area...and try to get a few Picture op's for here at SMF...and of course for us.

    Come on the 26th!  LOL

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  6. The Jack Daniel's World Championship Invitational Barbecue occurs every October, and features some of the finest BBQ chefs across the Globe.

    The competition, lovingly referred to as "The Jack", features a who's who in the BBQ world. To qualify for entry, domestic teams must have won a state championship with a minimum of 25 teams entered, or a competition with more than 50 teams battling in the categories of Pork Ribs, Pork Butts, Chicken and Beef Brisket. The final competitors are then selected during a blind whiskey barrel bung drawing of all eligible teams in early September. The 2012 Jack Daniel’s Grand Champion, Pig Skin BBQ, joins the current season’s Memphis in May, American Royal Open and Houston World’s Championship Bar-B-Que grand champions receiving automatic invitations.

    Teams from the United States and international teams from as far away as Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Holland, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom will compete in seven categories
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    OMG...I think I just peed a little. ;).  That's sounds awesome. might be tough since that's around my wife's due date and arrival of my 2nd baby girl.  How can I swing this..."Hey honey! I know you just had our baby and all, but ah....lets head up to TN so I can engorge myself in some delicious BBQ."  
  8. kathrynn

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    Since your wife is preggers....should should be the one who pee'd not you!  Giggle!

    The folks there competing will not have 'Q for sale or anything from what I have heard...but there are some vendors that will be.  And the town will have things set up for sale and local goodies too.


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