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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by railroader, Nov 12, 2015.

  1. I live in Kansas, work for a major railroad, and really starting to enjoy smoking meats. I have a Traeger grill that I bought in 1999 and added a digital control. Added an A-Maz-N tube recently. Just started trying mmy hand at homemade bacon. So far really go results. I do have one question, what are some favorite ways of smoking brats? Thanks in advance.
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    Welcome from SC. It's good to have you on this great site.
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    Railroader, welcome to SMF! Glad you are here and bringing your new passion of smoking meat with you.  Bacon is a passion around here and everyone agrees that once you starting curing and smoking your own store-bought loses all appeal.

    For your brat question, if you are talking making and cold smoking them, I can't help you there.  Personally, when I smoke cook brats I do it one of two ways.  First, in the smoker just about any hot temp (200F+) works as long at the final finish internal temp of the brat is 165F or above.  I've used all kinds of woods with brats (or just about any sausage) and they all work for me.  Can take 1-2 hours depending on temp but so delicious. 

    The second method I use is on a charcoal grill for a faster result.  On a base of used charcoal in my 22.5" grill  I'll spread out a little less than 1/4 chimney of hot briquettes then throw in some wood chunks.  The lower temp grill and the smoke makes for some amazing tasting grilled brats which are usually ready in 20-30 minutes.     

    Have fun!

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