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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by nycjayhawk, Mar 6, 2008.

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    My name is Paul and I'm here to give a little background about myself before asking (begging? pleading?!) for advice.

    I grew up in New Jersey and curently live in NewYork City, but I went to college in Kansas and my parents and brother live there, so I have a little grilling experience, but not much. All I know is that barbecue tastes really good, it's not humanly possible to get enough of it and no temperature boiling or freezing should prevent one from barbecuing.

    At this point, you're probably asking yourself what the heck a guy from NYC is doing on this forum. Who barbecues there?!? Well, that brings us to the next chapter in my story. I'm getting married in September and our plan was to live in our apartment for a couple of more years after getting married and then buy a house somewhere where I would finally have a yard to grill in. Well, three weeks ago we stumbled home from our favorite bar on a Saturday night and found a 580 page document sitting in front of our door that explained our apartment building was being sold and converted into condos. Long story short, we could either buy our place or our lease wouldn't be renewed when it was up in August....exactly one month before our wedding.

    So, we decided to take our time and embark on a long apartment search. 10 days later we found a place with the same rent and less indoor space, but....on the top floor and with a large outdoor garden patio area. Yours truly is now in heaven, because what I thought was a totally unrealistic dream (unless I somehow became rich overnight) of being able to barbecue NOW is coming true.

    So, if you haven't fallen asleep yet, my fiancee is buying my one of those grill/smoker combos for my birthday. And that's why I'm here for advice. So far I like this one a lot :

    The reviews all seem really good, but after stumbling across this forum I thought this would be the perfect place to solicit advice.

    Also, as you might guess, finding supplies in NYC is something of a pain. Does anyone have good recommendations on places to order lump charcoal, wood chips, etc. over the internet?

    Finally, if you click on the user manual in the link above, it says that the firebox can even handle "regular" wood (not just chips). Is that firebox really big enough for that??

    I apologize for the long length of my note and can't wait to get started and then share the results!

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    Wow, my eyes hurt... Just kidding... [​IMG] great to have ya here with us...
    there is so much info here, along with knowledge...

    Congrats on the new place, and the soon to be new wife..I have also been looking at the same smoker. I would buy it in a heartbeat, but for me it doesnt have enough cook space. Lots here can give you the info you want in the meantime search SmF for Chargriller mods and you will find some info..

    Again welcome and good luck..
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    New York City? boy's lets string him up!! welcome Paul sounds like your gonna fit right in. theres alot of long winded folks in here.My oldest sis lives in your (hmmmm) fine city,maybe u seen her?congrats on the new finds-more will guide you to a smoker-I use ecb's and homeaids.glad to have u aboard.
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    Welcome Paul,

    Congrats on the upcoming wedding, not familiar with that setup but I'm sure someone will chime in before long with advice.
    Pull up a stool, pop-a-top, shoot the bull...........and then smoke it.

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    Nice to have you here Paul and congrats on the upcoming wedding. Just so you don't feel lonely, we have a number of members from New York here.

    The Chargriller Smonking Pro (830 sq. inch surface area) is a nice unit and it's hard to beat that price for a combo setup. The next size up from that is the Outlaw (1000 sq. inch surface area) but it doesn't come with the side fire box but there is a knockout plate that you can remove and add attach the sfb wich you can pick up for around $50.00-75.00 if you look for around). If you plan on entertaining guests and serving up plenty of 'que, talk her into getting the Outlaw and the sfb.

    Also be sure to check out the charcoal useres section, there is a sticky posted that has some of modifications that will help you control and maintain a more even heating accross the cooking chamber.

  6. Paul
    Welcome to SMF, Congrads on the wedding hope you have good luck with the new wife and new smoker.......DB BBQ
  7. richp692

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    Welcome aboard.
    I'm out on long island. You can get lump at both Home depot and walmart. The also carry Hickory and Mesquite chunks and chips. I buy my apple off of ebay. you can also check out this guy
  8. lc in va

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    New York City??? Hey wil cut you some slack. Welcome to smf. Congrats on the wedding. I think you will like it here.
  9. mossymo

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    Welcome to SMF. The smoker you are looking at or the upgrade Dutch suggested is used by many members here and amongst all the Char-Griller members that are owners of them and/or similar grills we/they have come up with some great modifications that will have the Char-Griller performing well for you. As Dutch suggested, the topics are in the charcoal smoker section right at the top.

    Again, glad you joined SMF, great to have you with us !!!
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    Welcome aboard, and congratulations on a new place and from the sounds of it a soon to be very understanding spouse!
  11. NYCjHawk....don't you fret none ...these HILLBILLIES is just funnin' ya!!!

    I have the same unit...feel free to contact me for info. GOOD LUCK!!
    (the wheels/axle are lame) ... cover inside bottom with foil to keep clean...turn inside 'charcoal grate' upside down to disperse heat w/out using a baffle...I put a brick in bottom away from heat source to hold heat...

    AND.....geography lesson for y'all..

    I live 'bout 25 miles north of NYC..and BELIEVE IT OR NOT...I walk out my house....across the street and within 200yds. of my house. I shoot DEER (bow/rifle) --TURKEY--(well I frequently miss the turkeys!!) --have seen plenty of bear... and I'm workin' on callin' in one of the local coyotes for a 'lights out' [​IMG]
    "Just send me to hell or New York City
    It would be about the same to me..."
  12. Welcome Paul. You have found a great site.
  13. kookie

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    Welcome to the site......Glad to have you here............
  14. travcoman45

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    What you huntin in the zoo?!
  15. richtee

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    Dang...that's the most romantic post I have ever read on a smoking site LOL!
    Welcome to SMF... all we know is at your disposal.
  16. Trqav...FUNNY!! I was actually going to end my post with...something like... then the BRONX ZOOKEEPER chases my a** OUT!!! [​IMG]

    No joke....I can post a deer pic. or 2....
  17. psychobrew

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    Make sure there are no restrictions for grilling. Most appartments and some condos don't allow charcoal or gas grills on the balcony, in which case I'd get an electric smoker as a backup in case you get caught.
  18. ron50

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    Welcome to the forum.!
  19. panhead

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    paul...your not the only new yorker here......i am across the river in brooklyn,sheepshead bay to be exact

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