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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by dega, Oct 13, 2016.

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    Howdy y'all - Russell here and the lovely Mrs. Russell bought me a snazzy new Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn Black Triple-Function Combo Grill for my birthday. I love grilling, prefer charcoal but gas is fine when I'm rushed. I always wanted to get into smoking and now I have the tool but lack the knowledge. Now I'm scouring the WWW for info and stumbled in here. Looks like a friendly and helpful place so here I am.

    I smoked one brisket so far . . . turned out ok . . . flavor was amazing but not as tender as I'd hoped. So far starters I'll say I'm interested in "mods" to the smoker - it kinda leaks smoke everywhere and I can't seem to get the temp any lower than 250. I'll search the forums for info but if any of y'all have immediate pointers I'm all ears. THANKS!

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    Hi Russel, welcome to you and Mrs. Russel too.

    Congratulations on the shiny new smoker.

    There is lots of great knowledge on here and

    fine folks willing to share it.

    Remember pictures of your smokes are good things.

    Have fun.

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  4. I have an Oklahoma Joe's smoker too. It leaked quite a bit when I got it. I tried some fiberglass industrial oven gasket, which helped, but didn't completely fix it and ended up peeling off. I would recommend getting some Lava Lock Nome Gasket. It works really, really well and has a self adhesive backing, which is way better than using the rubber cement that the fiberglass basket used. I used it on the cooking chamber door, firebox door, and the firebox ash door. After that heat regulation should be a lot easier. All the leaks provide way too much airflow to get your temp down. I hope that helps some and welcome to the site!
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