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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by rscpjim, Dec 10, 2015.

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    My name is Jim Thompson and I have enjoyed BBQ all my life. Now that I am retired I thought I would actually get serious about making good mouth watering BBQ. I have been overweight most of my adult life and recently had Gastric sleeve almost a year ago. 

    So cooking healthy and tasty meat has become an obsession as well as a lot of fun. I just bought a Day-Glo vertical smoker and have loved the first two cooks I did. 

    I have however had some issues with chicken and turkey skin like as in the are tough and rubbery as all heck,

    Everything else however I have done has been spot on. The smoke flavor of the meat has been great.

    I am also looking to learn or try jerking out some meat in the smoker as well. 

    Nice to meet you all and I look forward to hearing any tips or suggestions!
  2. noboundaries

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    Jim, welcome to SMF!  Glad you are here, enjoying retirement, and making healthy changes.  I need to make quite a few of those myself. 

    The easy trick to bite through poultry skin is high heat, 300F, 325F, heck 450F.  You can either crank the smoker up high for the whole smoke, or smoke it at a lower temp then finish it in the oven at a high heat to crisp the skin.  A dry skin to start helps too.  I always brine my poultry, pat the skin dry, apply the rub on the relatively dry skin and throw it on the smoker at 325-350F. 

    Have fun!

  3. rscpjim

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    Thanks Ray I kind of figured from what I head read thus far it was a matter of heat. Need to figure out how long I need to hold that temp. I love the moist meat from lower and slower temps. But that rubber tough skin had me miffed. 

    I just bought my Dad a smoker for I think he will be stoked too. Better than his propane stove...ha ha
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    [​IMG]To SMF glad to have you on board. The only unanswered question is the one you haven't asked. To help you better navigate the sight read Initial Greeting on Home page it contains a lot of helpful info. Just keep on smoking.

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