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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by doug winston, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. Hey y'all. Greetings from the NE part of the 51st Ward* and a soon-to-be new smoker.

    Was cruising around after discussing building a smoker with the wife, and discovered this site. Many years ago I got the great idea to build a smoker from the old fuel oil tank I'd pulled from my basement. On it's side it would accommodate top grills from a full sized Weber grill and I had grand visions of piles of smoked yes in my pantry.

    Cut the door and a vent hole, but never added brackets or legs and after taking up space in the yard it eventually went to the great smelter in the sky courtesy of a metal thief "free market recycler" who also "liberated" my scaffolding sections.

    Our youngest loves smoked food as well as helping me around the shop, so I figure building a smoker together will give us a good daddy-daughter project, as well as expand her already significant culinary knowledge.

    * For the uninitiated, 51st Ward" is a jab at Chicago. While the city only has 50 wards, it continues to treat the rest of the state as if those City Limit lines on the map don't stop at Howard, Pacific or 135th Street. The residents of the rest of the state apologize for the stain on the map, as well as these guys being our best export product:

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    Welcome, glad ya joined us !
  3. Hello Doug and welcome to the site, lots of good information here, always builds going on to look at, nothing like father son time.

    Gary S

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