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  1. Hello,

    I have lurked here and other forums when ever I need some advice. I have not become a member until today. I have been very active on other forums relating to Baseball, and, where I am known as BishopLeftiesDad. My son played baseball in college and has now graduated and moved on to other endeavors, so shall I.

    I have been smoking meat for over a decade now. I started out on a Pitmaster Deluxe Smoke 'n' Pit. I bought her back in the early 2000's for about 150 dollars at Walmart.  Well the old girl is getting old and needs a facelift. I could not stand to be without a smoker for any amount of time so I researched smokers here and other forums and decided on the Trailmaster vertical. I bought it from Bass Pro and it came in a couple of days. Well Fathers day rolls around and wife takes kids out of town down to Dayton to watch Weird Al in concert. BEST fathers day gift ever. I used the time alone to put together this smoker and really take my time. Got it all sealed up and ready to go. I have done a couple of smokes in it and it is working pretty well. It will take me some time to really learn it, but that is part of the hobby right?

    Now that I have a new smoking instrument I will be able to refurbish the old Girl so as to get another decade out of her. I will seal her up when I put her back together, and do some Much needed mods. Currently I have lowered the smokestack, made a baffle out of a disposable aluminum cake pan and added some bricks to the CC. I plan to add a real baffle and some tuning plates.

    Thanks for eh great forum. You have all been very helpful already.
  2. Hi! Welcome!! You'll find all kinds of fun stuff here. Be sure to post some pics if can of both smokers, love to see them!!

  3. hear are some pics of the new one.
    and these are of the old girl.
    and here are some results (queview)
  4. Holy cow!!! Food looks yummo! I've been dragging my feet trying to decide what to make for dinner all day and now its dinner time here and I am starving lol.

    The new one sure is pretty, but then when you have an old friend who has served you so faithfully, I'm glad you're gonna fix her up! Now you can do twice as much food :yahoo:

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