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  1. Planted some green peppers a couple of weeks ago. Last year they didn't do good so was wondering what others do to get good peppers. Heard that epson salt works great. Also any one know how to get a good strawberries out of a plant second year and not very big.
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    Chefmjg , howdy. I use a handful of my  hardwood ashes in my Strawberries and they explode. The Potassium helps the strength of the plants.

    Seems the Chiles would benefit also. Just a handful for each and see how that helps.

    I too have heard of the Epsom Salts ,the Magnesium there helps root production.

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    With strawberries, the second year crop comes from the runners.... Till between the plants after harvest.... let the runners root in the tilled soil....  next spring till in the previous years plants to allow the new plants to grow with less competition.....  I read that somewhere.... I always gave up on strawberries....  critters ate them while they were green.... never had a second year...     Dave

    google--- narrow the rows by tilling older plants
  4. Yep, I planted four plants one year near the house. They come back every year by runners just like you said. I think I might have eaten 5 or 6 strawberries. Something else always seems to get them first.
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    And don't over water them. Especially if you have some HOT varieties. Not big on Bells, this year we did mild and hot Bananas, Cubanelles and some Jalapenos. All did well but the Jalapeno's. I pretty much have gave up on them.

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