Green onion smoke sausage

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  1. Can someone help me with a recipe?Was thinking to just chop up some green onions and add to my sausage mixture?Thanks
  2. there are some sausage "master formulas" that give you the percentage of salt and spices per pound of meat.  That might help you come up with a recipe.
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    How many pounds are you going to make? To much green onions (scallions) can make your sausage really strong with onion.

    If you do a 5 lb batch of sausage add 1 1/2 cups. For a 10 lb batch add 3 cups. Note: for the 5 lbs add 1 cup, make a small patty fry it taste, If you want more add the other 1/2 cup. Same with the 10 lb batch. Its easier to add then it is to take out.
  4. We made a potato sausage a few years back that called for onion. To me there wasn't enough onion but I can't remember how much we used. I couldn't probably get enough onion for my taste but my wife and I pretty much eat them in everything and eat them raw all the time. Onion sandwiches are one of my favorite. But then you have my in-laws. If you just put a little onion in stuff they think its to strong. It kind of all depends on how much you like onions. Like nepas said a fry test would probably be a good thing so you know if you want to add more or not.
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  6. Thanks guys,I had heard that you must be careful with the onions while smoking!They say that they spoil easy?

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