Green Mtn. Jim Bowie?

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by rasvegas, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. rasvegas

    rasvegas Newbie

    Hello fellow grill-masters...

    I'm buying a new smoker in the next few days. After inquiring with lots of bros and researching a lot, I'm thinking about the Green Mtn. Jim Bowie model. It seems to be a solid unit, has Wi-Fi, and "seemily" has everything I want.

    I was going to get a Traeger but heard their quality went down when they decided to get them made in China. There are so many quality smokers to choose from that I'd prefer to buy American.

    The other one I was looking at was the RECTEC. I only have a grand to spend and am building it in to my new BBQ island. I'll get rid of the legs and build it in to the new island.

    I think y'all get the idea. Thank you all for any information you can share with me. Help!
  2. vibe

    vibe Fire Starter

    Green mountain also gets built in China. I think rectec are built in the US still. Not sure about the others as relatively new myself with a Daniel Boone model gmg and I'm happy with it.

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  3. rasvegas

    rasvegas Newbie

    Dang! Well then...I guess it's about quality then. My buddy got a pre-China Traeger and after seeing one made in China, he said the quality went downhill. Perhaps that's not the case with Green Mtn.

    I'll check them both out and figure it out. Thanks for your input. I appreciate it!
  4. phrett

    phrett Smoke Blower

    I bought my DB 6 years ago and at the time Traeger did not come close in quality of both material and controller. It had worked flawlessly for all that time, during which my neighbor is on his second Traeger.
  5. vibe

    vibe Fire Starter

    Oh also I hear gmg after sales is phenomenal. Being in the UK I go via our local distributor and haven't had much need for after sales except a replacement meat probe which was sent free and within a few days. From what I've seen from the US folk, replacement parts (if needed) are always sent free and quickly and they will always try to help.

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  6. rasvegas

    rasvegas Newbie

    Great comments everybody...thank you!  I did indeed get the GMG JB and absolutely love it!  Great quality, great customer service.  5 stars for sure!  Happy smoking everybody.
  7. dr k

    dr k Master of the Pit

    I love to hear great stories!  I haven't heard much on the GMG or  Rectec, so I did spend an hour looking on both sites watching vids etc.  I am interested in the app's performance while using data offline without WiFi while away from home while others are home watching the grill/smoker.  And how to tell when the controller on the smoker needs a WiFi firmware update.  Since all the eggs are in one basket, so to speak (on the pellet container) and something goes wrong, which it will, how do you tell if it's Wifi, heating element, auger, low pellet warning, power outage etc?  I'd have to wonder otherwise if a separate RF remote or the lesser Bluetooth range is better to be separate than integrated, but then if the integration is great, then having the the grill/smoker adjusting itself after time or IT temp would be phenomenal (if the meat therm on the GMG is calibrated correctly.)  If you would give detailed results on your personal ease of use, set up etc.  I would appreciate it, because the push and hold this and press that then......was something I think I would need to keep the manual in proximity to the smoker.  Then I would wonder before every smoke if I should update the firmware before every smoke.  I'm not pushing against the fence but prefer feed back from this forum than the manufacturers.  If you would kindly elaborate, I can ad this to my RAM.  LOL Brain.     


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