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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by pars, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. pars

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    Anyone here own one ? I saw these when I was down in Florida at the Plant City Pig Jam. I liked them a lot and plan to buy their largest model "Jim Bowie " in April. The folks I talked to at the competition couldn't say enough good things about them.
    Lots of videos on their web site and on YouTube .
    Never used pellets before - but sounding better and better.
    Any thoughts - ideas or info would be much appreciated.
  2. lee 277

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    I'm sure it's a nice grill. I ordered a Traeger the other day myself. They are about the same grills.
  3. flyweed

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    I have a GMG Daniel Boone...they are great units! Traeger and GMG's aren't even close.  GMG's are much more sturdy and heavy duty in their construction. Traegers are now being built in china.

    If you search GMG here on the forums you should find lots of posts on the subject.  I use the Daniel Boone for pretty  much all my smoking now!! 

  4. mossymo

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    I have heard nothing but good things about the Green Mountain pellet grills, sound like they are good product for the price.

    My wife and I have a Yoder YS640 and are very happy with it (Love it!). Before you make a decision on a product make sure and research everything available on the market. There are some good bargains on pellet grills out there because they are not a popular brand name yet... Rec Tec is a new comer that offers a lot of grill for the price.

    In my opinion compare warranty, thickness of the metal used in the construction, total weight of the unit, temperature ranges and square inches of grate space. Also be aware some pellet smokers are not designed to be a grill, if your going with pellet it might as well be able to both grill and smoke... nothing like a steak off a wood fried grill!

    Good luck and let us know which one you decide on!
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  5. lee 277

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    Your phone is made over seas and so is a lot of the parts in your American made car like the steel.
  6. bakedbean1970

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    I researched the green mountain daniel boone this fall when it was on the local radio auction. It is also made in china. Looked like a nice unit though. Cant get to hung up on made in china unless you can afford to spend over $1000.
  7. i have had no problems with mine.
  8. I just got my gmg Daniel Boone love it so far only 1 cook but love it [​IMG]
  9. beernuts

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    I've had my GMG DB for almost a month now and done probably three cooks a week on it.  That includes in temps near or below zero.  I am very pleased with the quality of the food it produces and once you get to know the pit virtually anything is possible.  The only bomb I've had so far is a butt roast that dried out.  That was a combination of trying to be too precise with the temps and falling asleep during the cook.  Total operator error....
  10. I had a jim bowie for 2 years. I liked it. It just didnt give that smokey goodness like charcoal/stick burners. I know smoke is to compliment the meat but the smoke flavor was pretty absent from most smokes on the GMG. I never had anything bad though! Everything tasted great and was tender! just not smokey. I just sold it and ordered a Lang.
  11. david taylor

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    Do not buy a Green Mountain Grill!

    They work great for a few bags of pellets, and then the problems begin.

    Do you're research on the internet thoroughly. There is post after post of people with the same issues.

    GMG customer support is absolutely frustrating to say he least. They are impossible to get a hold of and they do not care about satisfying their customers.

    My bit of advice, go with anything else, do not waste your money on this overseas made garbage!
  12. I have a Memphis Pro and just bought a GMG DC. It had an extra grease plate and I called GMG. They responded and explained the extra plate. I bought the DC because it's small and just right for two. I use the Pro for larger cooks. The pellet site I post on has a large GMG section and they love their smokers/grills. If you can't afford a pellet smoker don't run the  product down.
  13. I have a Memphis Pro and just bought a GMG DC. It had an extra grease plate and I called GMG. They responded and explained the extra plate. I bought the DC because it's small and just right for two. I use the Pro for larger cooks. The pellet site I post on has a large GMG section and they love their smokers/grills. If you can't afford a pellet smoker don't run the  product down.
  14. waterinholebrew

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    I've had my GMG DB for a year now & I have had the opposite experience as stated by David a couple posts up. My grill runs spot on & I have run a lot of pellets thru it.... A lot !

    I did have the low pellet sensor malfunction on me after a few months, called the folks I bought it from and had a new sensor sent Next Day Air ! Now, to me, that's customer service ! Two more examples of the service I've received from this dealer is when I bought it, it was over the phone & the guy delivered it.... The dealer is bout 60 miles away ! I put it together and was having issues the first start up, called him.... Mind you this is 8:00 on a Sat. night... So happened he was camping in the area & on his way home.... He stopped by my house at 9:00 again this is Sat. night & helped me figure out the issue ! It was nothing wrong with the grill, when I put it together I got a wire tangled up in a small fan so the grill was not allowed to work correctly !

    Sorry if you've had a bad experience David, but it's not all dealers..... As stated above, there's three examples of superior customer service in my book !
  15. I've had a Jim Bowie since late June. Once set up, I asked support if my grill needed any firmware updates. The local GMG rep Jason, came out to my house the next day and updated the firmware. I then received the new wifi controller in September which failed shortly after. I called support, promptly connected to a tech, went through some troubleshooting, determined that the new controller was indeed bad. They sent me a new one, no charge. My temp prob failed, likely because I wasn't careful and let it get wet. Our local rep Jason once again came to the rescue. He gave me one from his stock to gelt me up and running for Thanksgiving. I call that great customer service!

    I cook on it two to three times a week with no problems. I vacuum it out every three to four cooks, use quality pellets, and pre-heat the grill a good half hour before placing the meat on the grill. The only issues I have are the self induced issues. I highly recommend the GMG product line for price, features, and support!

    Regarding origin of manufacture. You'll not likely find anything American made for the price. If I could afford a Yoder or a Cookshack, I'd buy it. And I'd say there are very few of us that can say that everything in our possession is truly 100% American made.
  16. I agree with everyone on the GMG EXCEPT David Taylor

    I have 2 DB's and 1 DC,  my brother in law is the GMG Dealer and I help in in sales and customer services.  I work with Customer Service at GMG, they are GREAT.  They really do care.

    Love my GMG
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  17. dougm722

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    I have had a GMG for 3 1/2 years now and I love it! Dave above must work for the competition. The grill works great, any issues I had was mostly operator error in which GMG support helped me. Yes you do not get the heavy smoke flavor. Pellet grills are noted for a slightly less smokey flavor (it's actually a blessing for me, the heavy smoke flavor does not agree with me). I get great smoke rings on my meat and great taste on everything I cook and smoke. If you want the heavy smoke flavor, go to Austin Tx., or buy a smoker that uses wood only. GMG support is great, may have to leave a message but they will get back to you. All in all, love it!
  18. I just got mine today and am seasoning it as I type! There is a new grease pan and an extra panel to go on top. They have holes in the grease pan and the other panel is to sit on top and you either place it to have the holes open or closed depending on if you are planning on low and slow or going to attempt to sear some meat. The heat shield will eventually be made to do something similar so you can sear easier and get higher temps. If you decide to get one try to get one of these so when the updated heat shield comes out it will be less parts to get. I will try to make a post once they come out and I get one installed so I can make a review of it but so far everything is going well and I am looking forward to using the GMG as soon as possible. Good luck in your decision. 
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  19. phrett

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    I've had my DB for over 4 years and it has been a great unit, only surpassed by the GMG customer service who have upgraded things on their own initiative, not at a request of mine or complaint. It has been flawless in operation and I could not ask for a better unit. I've cooked on about every unit by every pellet grill maker and cannot find any faults with the GMG.. Yes, the Memphis Elite is a Cadillac, but my DB gets me home as well as a Kia. Bang for the buck you can't beat a GMG. Some may have had issues, but GMG supports their product and does everything to resolve unhappy customer short of buying them a golden cow!
  20. inkjunkie

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    Been tossing around getting a DB unit. Retailer I stopped at in town just so happens to be the local Warranty center. Do have a question, and this is why I have yet to buy one...

    Can searing be done on it? I know that is what is claimed but am in the dark as to how things can be seared without direct heat...or a very high amount of indirect heat...but what the hell do I know....

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