Great Sausage Recipes & Meat Curing 3rd or 4th Edition ??

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     I’ve been making sausage and smoking meat for a while now. With the help of many of you, I have been doing a pretty good job at it so far. I’ve decided that I wanted to buy a book on smoking/sausage making, mainly just to have something that I can read when I’m not able to smoke anything…..[​IMG]I’ve been conceding buying a Great Sausage Recipes & Meat Curing by Rytek Kutas. Then I remembered this post , but I just wanted to ask…….. I’ve noticed that their two different editions available, a 3rd and a 4th….Is there that much of a difference in the two to validate the extra expense? I have seen the 3rd edition selling for around $20.00 used and the 4th for almost $40.00 used…. Or is there another 1st book that you would recommend?  Thanks ShoneyBoy
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    I wouldn't pay that much for either edition!!!!

    The book is $18.78 new at Amazon (4th edition)!

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    Now it is a good book but I might not spend that much money for it. You can find some really great recipes here or on some other sausage making sites. They are also link here in different threads.
  4. I just got the 4th edition through for around $20 with shipping a week ago. Its worth EVERY PENNY!! This book is Awesome, tons of great recipies, tips and advice.
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    Shoneyboy, evening...  Len Poli has put together a collection of recipes that is hard to beat....  I've attached his web site for you to look at....  There is a bunch of stuff when you figure out how to cruise through all the pages....   And it is free.... Dave recipes.htm#FRESH
  6. boykjo

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    I keep Ryteks book here with me in the living room. I highly recommend it for those of you who are into sausage... I dont care much for the recipe's but its a great manual on sausage making....
  7. I picked up the 4th Edition when I went to Cabela's a couple weeks ago for $29.95. Sausage Maker has it on their site for the same price I believe. There's also a $10.00 off coupon good on orders from Sausage Maker in mine. I kept checking B&N cause it has been $18.95 there but never in my store. I didn't want to pay the shipping!

    I've started reading it and really like the info in it.
  8. roller

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    That is a great site Dave...Thanks for posting it..
  9. shoneyboy

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    Deuce, that was were I was looking. I was waiting on the boss [​IMG]  to order it through her Amazon account...then I noticed that there were 2 different editions and wanted to know if there was a bid difference in the 2 ? The price is so close it not enough to worry about ........
    DaveOmak, I've seen this site before and I refer back to it at times....It has a lot of good recipes......
    SmokinHusker, I didn't have that coupon in my paper catalogue, but I will have to look on-line to see....I have never bought anything from them and until you do they usually don't offer any coupons or things like that to a newbie......
    Boykjo, I'm jsut looking for some reading material and I like reading about smoking and curing sausage....So I felt that Ryteks would be a good start...Thanks
  10. The coupon comes with the book.

  11. Like Martin said, the $10 Sausage Maker coupon is in the Great Sausage Recipes Book.
  12. shoneyboy

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    Oh....So the $10 coupon is off the next purchase from Sausage Maker ? Nice !!!! I didn't relize that....Now I have to look at the site to see what I can buy with it......
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    I've got to admit, that Len Poli website is pretty awesome!  Thanks very much for posting that!  I primarily use venison and elk in my sausage making and wish Poli had more on that.  But still, the guy is a sausage Maestro!

    Question to all:

    Does anyone have a recipe for smoked venison or elk sausage that they swear by?  I normally mix %100 pork fat with my game at around a %70 game to a %30 pork fat ratio, and favor a heavy garlic flavor.  However, I'm always open to suggestions on changes as well as great recipes to share with friends and family.

    Thanks much!

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