Great cold smoker for the MES 30

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  1. I understand the AMAZIN cold smoker is highly thought of, but I wanted a little more versatility and the ability to use wood chunks, since I cut my own wood whenever possible.

    I purchased a hot plate at Walmart for about 10.00 and an 8” cast iron skillet for about 8.00.  I stopped by the local chain hardware store  and picked up a 6” to 3”  stove pipe reducer and 8’ of aluminum flexible 3” duct, about 13.00.

    I drilled several small holes in the bottom (6” end) of the reducer and did the same to a 4” can.  I filled the can with hickory chunks, placed the frying pan on the hotplate, the can in the frying pan the reducer over the can.  I cut the flexible duct to a 30” length and connected it from the 3” outlet on the reducer to the side opening in the MES. Total cost was around $30.00.   The result, very little, or no temperature rise in the MES and 8 plus hours of cold smoke.  I have used it for straight cold smoke bacon, and cold smoking salmon and sausage before the hot smoke.  It also works great to add smoke to my gas and charcoal grill.
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    Sounds good!

    Pictures would be helpful. Especially for people like me who are closer to handicapped than handymen.
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    Yea post pics.
  4. Please post pics? 
  5. I'll take some pictures this weekend and post them. 
  6. Here's the photos I promised.

    It's fast and simple to assemble, took me about twenty minutes to make it, because of the hold drilling

    I can hook it up to the MES30 in less than five minutes.

    Start with the hotplate heat on high until you get smoke, then lower the temperature to low.

    Here are the basic components of the cold smoker (plus the hotplate)

    Final product hooked to the MES 30

    This is the can inside the reducer.  The holes on top provide airflow

    Holes on the bottom allows the ashes to drop into the skillet

    I start with small pieces in the bottom of the can and a big chunk

    on top.

    The black duct tape allows a tight fit.  I added the elbow on top

    of the reducer, to make it faster to change out the wood can

    Close up of the reducer, skillet and can .  I drilled the holes in the bottom for air flow.

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    Nice mod...... another member that lays awake at night thinking of stuff to do to his smoker.....  [​IMG]  ....

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    I agree with Dave, if only we could catch up on the sleep.

    By looking at your pictures, you are eliminating a lot of the creosote before it inters your smoker.  Good job.

    Nice setup.

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    Yep, no limit to American handyman ingenuity. Good job!
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    Great job. I also thought about it. But you are the first who implemented. l....o....l  carry on.

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